Gucci Checkers Set

Don’t let your high-class ways falter when it’s time for a visit to the game room. Acquire this Gucci Checkers Set for a mereĀ $4350 and enjoy the perks of Italian-made leather as you cradle the corner and leap the noodle (those are checkers terms, right?). The board is made from dark brown leather with dark brown guccissima leather trim, while the pieces themselves are gorgeous dark and light brown.

Black Playing Cards by Alexander Wang

How does the idea of playing poker with cards made out of alligator skin grab ya? Whoa, whoa… hold on, friend-of-animals-or-guy-who’s-really-afraid of alligators–these Alexander Wang cards ($55) are mock croc. Oozing supreme style and absolutely no reptile innards, these black on black beauties arrive in a black suede-lined box. The big question you have to ask yourself now is: Do you really want your friends’ scaly claws on ’em?

James Perse Limited Edition Skateboards

Unless you really get cracking on that time machine, your best bet at owning a 70’s era skateboard is right here. The limited edition James Pearse skateboard is modeled after the classic decks of yesteryear and they’re handcrafted from select solid walnut planks and accented with solid wenge strips for added stability. High-performance trucks and wide polyurethane wheels keep the vibe all lava lampy. Pearse’s pedigree is pure So-Cal artist, and these boards show it.