Jar Pies

Sometimes there’s no time to finish a whole pie, yet your stomach screams for “PIEEEE!!!” Grab one of these flavored Jar Pies ($6) made by Jam Jar Bakery. Each jar gives you all the benefits of a single serving of a slice of pie, including flavor, nutrition, sugar rushes and PIEEEEE!!!. Select from six flavors including pecan, apple and lemon lust.

Nudo Cioccolatini, Socially Conscious Dark Truffle Chocolates

One can only eat so much mass-produced chocolate. Set aside those Hershey’s kisses and savor Nudo Cioccolatini. Not only will you sample fine, dark truffle chocolates, satisfy your social conscience knowing each purchase supports an entire community in Italy.

From start to finish, each step in this chocolate’s life is blessed by the hardworking community in the Le Marche region of Italy. Nudo runs an adopt-an-olive tree program, whereby the money is distributed to individual farmers. The money allows them to create the olive oil, some of which ends up in Nudo Cioccolatini. From here, two local chocolatiers, Michele and Ivan, carry out the chocolate production, while local nuns hand-wrap each chocolate.

Each package comes with 12 foil-wrapped chocolates and includes two of each flavor: lemon, mandarin and pepperoncino. The set retails for $12 and can be purchased here. A great gift for the environmentally friendly, socially conscious, foodie.