Pencil Stylus for the Paper App: Old/New School Doodling

What do you do when you create a popular iPad app called Paper? Well, it’d be foolish to not deliver a pencil. And that’s just what 53 has done, creating Pencil ($50), a cool new stylus that works in concert with Paper. Made from harvested wood, Pencil promises a new way to sketch without being sketchy. The ‘adaptive palm rejection’ feature means Pencil won’t think you’re trying to draw with your hand, even if it’s smooshed up against your tablet.

iSketchnote: Digital Doodles

Who hasn’t doodled a Michaelangeloesque creation in science class? But then that masterpiece is forever bound to your science notebook and man, no one wants to keep that thing around. The iSketchnote ($119) is an iPad cover that lets you digitize your notes and sketches in real-time with the added value of a hard copy for your files. Thanks to some fancy sensors and technology we can’t begin to comprehend, you simply draw on a piece of paper on top of the pad and whatever your write instantly appears on-screen.

Paper: Drawing App for iPad

Look at this, a new free iPad application that’s all about intuitive simplicity. And you know they mean business right off the bat with the name: Paper. Simple. Use the app to draw sketches, diagrams, pictures of naked ladies, whatever motivates you to get artistic, man. Create the next Mona Lisa with your finger, or just draw Mona from Who’s The Boss? What we’re saying is, it’s all up to you.