100 Day Wash Free Shirt: Goes Great With Axe

Can the mad scientists behind the Wool&Prince shirt ($98) actually be onto something here? They claim you can don these button-down shirts for up to 100 straight days without them stinking, wrinkling, or even showing gravy stains. All we know is the designers say the¬†“Wool Science” involved with these shirts allows them to go places no other shirt has. Just make sure you go to those places with several cans of Axe Body Spray on hand.

HALL&MADDEN: Subscribe To Custom Shirts, Not Reader’s Digest

When that unexpected knock at your door leads to a pimply teen trying to sell you a subscription to InStyle or some crap, instead of caving in to the pressure, offer the kid this tip instead: Had you been selling dress shirts instead of magazines, you would’ve made a mint.¬†Custom clothing startup Hall&Madden is on the case, offering up shirt subscriptions in one, two, three, or four-month intervals. Just pay $150 per period and you’ll receive a box of three fitted dress shirts. Two-ply imported cotton, mother of pearl buttons, and contrast cuffs highlight the build quality. Oh, and the fact that each box comes with absolutely no issues of Reader’s Digest.