Wicked Audio Founder Paul Marshall Talks About His Brand

To the extreme! Those words would be an apt fit for Wicked Audio. In yer face, bold, loud, the Wicked Audio brand seeks to match their headphones with the world of surf, skate, biking and more. Through music and extreme sports sponsorships, Wicked Audio continues to roll out their beats to the next generation of sound lovers. We talked to the founder of Wicked Audio, Paul Marshall, to get a little more insight into the brand.

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Pioneer SE-CL331 Washable Earbuds

Who here likes sticking sweaty earbuds into their ears? You, with your hand raised. Put on this dunce cap and face the corner. For the rest of us, Pioneer gives us the SE-CL331 ($60), the first washable earbuds. Submersible up to 1 meter, the headphones truly are waterproof, having an IPX7 International Protection Rating. An outer filter with two layer mesh and rubber ring combines with an inner stainless steel plate to protect these from water.

Beyond waterproofing, the earbuds also come with 4 different sized tips, allowing you to customize your fit. Frequency rages from 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Buy the SE-CL331 and never stick brown, grimy earbuds into your ears again.