Marbel: The World’s Lightest Electric Skateboard

Legs, they’re so yesterday. Cars, electric bikes, people movers, all designed to replace the need to move our lower limbs. Same with electric skateboards. Whereas you might need to propel yourself every 20 feet now, you’ll have the option to do it much less with electric skateboards. Consider the Marbel. The makers bill it as the world’s lightest electric skateboard, weighing in at a not-so-pudgy 9.9 pounds. It runs on lithium-ion batteries and hits a rather quick, 20 mph uphill, and a total run of 10 miles.

They also use kevlar and carbon fiber construction, so durability won’t be an issue. It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, nor the cheapest. It’s currently in the crowdfunding stage, and you can get in $1,200 right now. So, if you hate the idea of striking your foot down on the pavement every couple of seconds, this just might be the answer.

What Materials Are Trucks Made From?

Skateboard Trucks are made from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum alloy; the axles are made of high tensile SAE 4130 Chromoly alloy steel. Most of the time, distinguishing a cheaper truck from an expensive truck might require some measure of experience; this is why I recommend you to choose the best skateboard wheels manufactured by reputable brands.

Cheaper trucks are manufactures with low-grade cast materials that are well polished to give them an attractive appearance. As the adage goes, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but that doesn’t change its nature.” The bushing and pivot give off a horrible experience. Additionally, if you’re a fan of tricks and stunts, be rest assure that this trucks won’t exceed a month.

Kubo Electric Cargo Scooter: Carry On, My Weighed-Down Son

The urban dweller can easily justify the use of a scooter for getting around town, but what about when he needs to stock up for that night’s raucous-yet-perfectly-legal-thank-you-very-much house party? Kubo ($5,000), the electric cargo scooter is the answer. Its unique 22″ square cargo space is perfectly laid out to handle all the stuff that would never fit on another bike. Kubo can carry up to 300 lbs (driver weight + cargo), and it goes up to 45 mph while lasting about 50 miles before needing a charge.

Scrooser: Get Your Kicks On Plump Tires

The electric scooter gets a serious style upgrade with the new Scrooser ($3,950). You can stand or sit on it, and the power that comes from your traditional scooter kicks to the ground are amplified by the direct-drive 1,000-watt electric motor. When a burst of speed of at least 2 mph is generated by the rider, the motor delivers its own boost of four times the power. The maximum speed is 15 mph, and the juice is generated by a removable 48-volt/20-Ah lithium-ion battery pack. Besides the fat — um, sorry — pleasantly plump tires, there’s also integrated LED daytime running lights and a steel cable lock built into the frame.

Boosted Boards: 2.6 hp Electric Longboard

If you’ve ever stepped in gum, you know it takes a dozen or so attempts to scrape it off on a curb. Problem is, once you do all that, you’re exhausted. That means no energy for skateboarding home. And that means becoming homeless. Avoid the hobo life with this 2.6 horsepower Boosted Boards longboard ($1,200). Two little motors fueled by a rechargeable battery carry you and your beleaguered limbs for up to 6 miles. The wireless remote does require you muster up the energy to push a button though–you’ve been warned.