MacGyver Emergency Tool Kit

Sure, a Swiss Army knife might come in handy, but what happens when you have a real emergency? Let’s say it’s someone’s birthday and their cake is one candle short. Bam! Break out your MacGyver Tool Kit ($10) and bust out the included emergency candle. You just saved the day.

The kit comes with other items that one may need: bobby pin, strike-anywhere match, rubber band, bubble gum, paper clip, shoelace, 1 cent stamp and duct tape. Imagine chewing the bubble gum, sticking the shoelace inside on top of the bobby pin, smashing that inside the gum and lighting it. You know what you just made? A mess.

splitsecnd Emergency Assistance: Take On Any Tree

Why don’t more people turn daredevil and see what it’s like to smash their car into a tree? Because getting excavated from a wreck is a hassle–and that’s IF you can even find a buddy willing to schlep their way over to your smoldering carnage. But with splitsecnd ($200 and $15 monthly) you get an immediate response should your vehicle crash. No cellphone is needed as the device uses built-in location software to let 911 dispatchers know your whereabouts. Within seconds an emergency specialist contacts you to make sure you’re OK and ask if there’s anything you wanna angrily tweet about tree placements while you wait. Thoughtful!