Emsa Flow Carafe

Your friends were talking after your last dinner party, and it wasn’t good. Maybe it was the lint-stuffed mushrooms. Perhaps it was the Clamato smoothies. Either way, you need to step up your game before you invite anyone else over, and the Emsa Flow Carafe ($45) is a good start. The innovative freezable cooling coaster and stainless steel pouring spout¬†makes it perfect for serving up wine, cold water, lemonade, tea, and… sure, OK, and Clamato.

Billr.me for iPhone: Find Out How to Split the Tab

It takes skills (or roofies) to go Dutch on a first date and still get to second base. So much skill in fact, that you’ll probably have none leftover to figure out the cost of the check. Billr¬†($1) solves that by helping you breakdown who ate what, how much to tip, and even sending each member of your dinner party (up to 16 people, playa) a copy of the split bill via text message. So in summary, focus on your “21st century women are so independent and whatnot” game, and let Billr handle the math.