Firewire Technograin Surfboards: Mother Earth Will Moan With Delight

Firewire’s new Technograin Surfboards are so eco-friendly, we fully expect Mother Earth will wanna jump your bones for being so considerate to her. You know how women get all hot and bothered when you do stuff for ’em? Same principle here. Surfing on a board with the smallest carbon footprint of any available surfboard today will totally plant her on your jock (and Al Gore’s–keep that in mind). With a lightweight EPS core, sustainable wooden deck skins, and Firewire’s proprietary parabolic rail construction, it could be one of the wildest threesomes ever.

Bushnell PowerSync Portable Power Line

A few days in the great outdoors no longer means a few days without electricity. I mean, it could, but come on… who’s gonna sign up for that? Instead, sign up for something from the Bushnell PowerSync Portable Power line. With lightweight solar and battery-powered portable charging devices, your fears of a dead phone will fly away like that endangered bird you atrociously threw a rock at. And hey, nothing makes a camping trip more memorable than um, uh, Words with Friends by the campfire?

The Water Tower Chair

Do you know the history behind the chair you’re sitting in? For example, did it take three or four Malaysian children to assemble it in their dank, damp, sawdust-laden sweatshop? Exactly, you don’t know. But you do know that this low-lying lounge chair up for auction is made from reclaimed timbers of a New York City water tower. The proceeds from the Water Tower Chair will benefit woodworking education for the non-profit Brooklyn Woods.

Eau Good: Filter Water Bottle

Believe it or not, bottled water seemed like a joke to many people 25 years ago. Pay? For water? Ha! Well, by now we’ve seen how marketing muscle can lead lots of thirsty people to pay $3 for something that comes out of their faucets for free. But besides that, all the plastic isn’t really meshing so well with the environment. That’s why ya gotta like Black+Blum’s eau good filter water bottle. With an ancient Japanese system using carbon filters, the eau good makes ordinary tap water taste great–like, even better than the ordinary tap water with labels on it! The filters reduce chlorine and chemicals, while adding minerals and balancing the pH. The active carbon filter lasts up to 6 months. Plus, come on, isn’t everything cooler when it’s used with an ancient Japanese system?