Cookware by EpicMealTime

Cookware comprises of cooking vessels or food preparation containers commonly found in the kitchen, typically made of materials that do not melt easily. Types include utensils, such as frying pans, saucepans, pressure cooker, chip pans, roasting pans, etc. intended for use on stoves or range cook-tops. Connoisseurs recommend it is best to refrain from using aluminum or plastic-coated nonstick utensils, because vessels made of these materials dent easily, causing uneven cooking, to find quality appliances and cookware,  visit Furthermore, if the stove heats unequally, such utensils develop hot spots causing certain areas to burn.

Traditionally in many cultures across the world, unglazed pottery or earthenware was used in cooking daily food. The use of these materials is still prevalent. Given its natural makeup, earthenware is the ideal cookware, as food prepared in these vessels retains its natural flavor. Each type of cookware affects the flavor of the food prepared in it. For this reason, one needs variety in cooking utensils to achieve optimal results. There are a variety of utensils available in the markets, such as cast-iron utensils, stainless-steel vessels, glass utensils, aluminum and Teflon-coated nonstick pans etc.

The guys who found YouTube fame by eating crazy sh*t have become a brand. Now you too can combine meat, booze, bacon, and fast food in ways that no one ever should with their official set of cookware, the EpicMealTime Cooking Arsenal ($99). The set includes a Non-Stick Bacon Sizzler (fry pan), SauceBoss Sauce Pot (stockpot), Epic Shanks (knives) and more. If this kind of cooking isn’t manly enough for you, well, then sorry to disappoint you, Zeus.