Have Fun Getting In Shape With The Sexual Fitness Book

Let’s pretend you have sex. No, really. So you have the sex and it’s a good workout, the cardio skyrockets, but why not make it super intense. Combine sex with exercise. You may want to boost low t levels to improve your performance in bed.

Stress can exacerbate an existing sex problem or cause a new one from scratch. It not only reduces blood flow to the genitals, but also releases hormones that depress testosterone, in most of the cases men opt for male enhancement pills to increase the testosterone levels and enjoy their sexual life. Stress also paves the way for cardiovascular disease, and it raises your risk of both anxiety and depression. It can also cause erectile dysfunction in some men in some cases, and that’s why people look help in products like cbd to relief stress, so all you need to find out if Is Delta 8 Legal In Virginia so you can use it in this state. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, there’s a possibility that you have a Peripheral Arterial Disease, visit the website to learn more about the other symptoms of PAD.

In a study of 1,709 men over 40, researchers found that the more the men exercised, the fewer sexual problems they reported. Why would that be? Because exercise increases blood flow to the genitals. It boosts testosterone, which fuels libido in both genders. Aside from exercise, reading erotic literature will also give you the freedom to explore and enjoy your fantasies. It also elevates mood, reduces insomnia, helps control weight, promotes deep relaxation, minimizes menopausal discomforts and contributes to self-esteem. All six of those factors enhance libido and sexual satisfaction. Another tip from experts is to use natural penis enhancement supplements, visti the link to learn more.

Regularity will benefit you more than intensity. It’s better for health and sex to take a 45-minute walk every day, for example, than it is to hike five miles twice a month.

Oh, but I don’t know any exercises to do during sex you say. Not to fear, Sexual Fitness ($10) is here. Learn new exercises line “perendickular lines”, “the ballerina bunnies” and “crotching tiger horny dragon”. We’d even say it’s fun for the whole family, but that would just be weird.

NOMOS Ahoi Diver/Sport Watch: Because Octopuses Appreciate Style Too

Deep sea divers don’t often put style at the center of their concerns, but the NOMOS Ahoi Diver/Sport Watch changes that. With domed sapphire glass, a braided, waterproof watch strap, and of course the ability to withstand depths up to 200 meters, this watch will please both the discerning diver and style savvy group of octopuses one usually encounters on such adventures.

Klingg: Don’t Watch The Wire(s)

When you’re focused on your workout, there’s nothing more annoying than dangling headphone wires tickling your neck the way your girlfriend used to until she broke up with you and now that’s why you’re in the gym every day cuz you’ll SHOW HER! The Klingg ($20) is a 1 oz. weather resistant pair of neodymium magnets that go through your shirt and provide a simple and secure cord management system. No ear buds falling out. No cords slapping you in the face. Because the only time you should be watching The Wire is when it’s on HBO. (Well, was, from 2002-2008.)

Misfit Shine: Wearable Activity Tracker

The Misfit Shine ($79) is a wearable activity tracker that aims to take the industry in a classier direction: you must speak in a British accent while wearing it.  Nah, kidding, kidding.  The class comes from the all-metal design. You can attach it to anything. Simplicity is also the goal here, as you can sync it with your smartphone just by placing it on the screen–no cables, no Bluetooth, charging station. The 6-month long battery is said to be easily replaceable. On the tracking front, the device’s proprietary sensor algorithms can count cycling and swimming in addition to steps. Classy.

Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

Is it just me, or does watching all that Olympic action on TV get you thirstier than Thurston Howell III? Yeah, during these summer games, you’re gonna need something stronger than ade-ending beverages. You’re gonna need the Skratch Labs Hydration Mix ($20/1 lb bag), an invention by sports scientist and cycling coach Dr. Allen Lim. The mix features all-natural ingredients, actual fruit flavoring, less sugar, and added electrolytes.  Just what you need to handle your 29th straight hour of Bob Costas.

Columbia Sports Omni-Freeze Shirt

They don’t call these the dog days of summer for nothing. At least I’m pretty sure they don’t. Regardless, now more than ever, you need clothing that works with you during the heat. The Columbia Sportswear Omni-Freeze shirt ($60) is totally on your team with its wicking polyester base embedded with thousands of 0.15-inch hydrophilic polymer rings. Those rings absorb sweat and expand, letting your body heat escape faster. So if the question is WHO LET THE HEAT OUT?? The answer is the Columbia Sportswear Omni-Freeze shirt.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

What’s the next device in your home that needs to be connected? If you said “The toaster!” well, yes, but hang on, Mr. Nibbles. First let’s gets you the Fitbit Aria ($130), a Wi-Fi-enabled scale that uploads information to your private account each time you step on it. You can then monitor your progress at Fitbit.com (“Hmmm. It says I gained a pound, but all I ate yesterday was that entire goat.”) track your trends, and compare your stats with friends and family. Next year, we’ll get that toaster of yours to run social media apps. That’ll surely be a great step forward for society.

Perfect Prizes for the Primary Politicians

Super Tuesday 2012, the Super Bowl of the Republican Primary, hits today. Watch the candidates outdo each other as they tell us which bold new programs and promises they’ll ultimately fail to implement if elected. Who will fail us the least? Now’s the time to choose.

In honor of the combatants, we’ve assembled the perfect prize for each candidate to take home should they win. Delegates? We fart on your delegates. This is the real competition, my friend. Click through to read So Freaking Cool’s “Perfect Prizes for the Primary Politicians”.

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