7 Cool Things That Can (Possibly) Double as Girl Gifts for Valentine’s Day

So you couldn’t pull the trigger on that planned breakup with your girl during Madonna’s halftime horror show. Bummer, dude. Now you’re on the hook for another February 14th full of coerced commercialism. Yeah, that little scamp Cupid is back, and he’s got his arrow cocked at your dome, just daring you to show up empty handed. Well, have no less fear. So Freaking Cool is here with a nifty list of gifts that beat the Stove Top out of flowers and candy. Sure, they’re manly items, but if you spin it just right, when she tears off the wrapping, you’ll have her believing you’re in this relationship for the long haul–until that hot Wendy’s cashier finally gives you some play.

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Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

The same way you need a rope with speed when strangling that homicidal maniac, you also need a jump rope to be equally zippy. The Rogue SR-1 ($22) features a six-inch rotating handle for your mitts to lock into, along with a bearing system that facilitates top-end revolutions and a coated cable that adds even more speed and durability to your routine. Some experts say skipping rope is the best pure workout you can get. If so, we’d say choking out a psycho killer runs a close second.

Nike+ FuelBand

If you’ve always thought the “It” in “Just Do It” meant “Eat more bacon products,” well, no, it doesn’t, tubby. We think Nike wants you to get off your butt and exercise, and their latest invention is proof of that. Much like a limp piece of bacon, the Nike+ FuelBand wraps around your wrist, but that’s where the similarities end. This wristband tracks your every movement, measuring distance, time, calories, steps, and NikeFuel, which is their barometer for how active you are. All the data gets uploaded through Bluetooth or USB to the Nike+ website, where you can track your progress. Pre-order it now for $149… or just go back to that bowl of bacon bits.

Jawbone Up

A bizarre yet brilliant little gadget, the new Up from the company Jawbone (known for Bluetooth headsets) is a vibrant wristband (available in 7 colors) that can track your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. The band is equipped with sensors that can track your workout distance, pace, calories burned and time, and it’s water resistant for those with active sweat glands. Need to track your sleeping habits? The Up can detect your sleep stages, the amount of hours you sleep, and how long it took you to doze off. It can even wake you up with a vibrating motor. Now we’re talkin’!

Once you and your Up have done the research, you can actually upload the data and do with it what you wish. Share it with your doctor, your shrink or compare notes with friends. This smart little guy isn’t for everyone, but it may be worth buying just to satisfy your curiosity. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what they do in their sleep? Retails for $99 and available here.