Moonlander by Surly Bikes: Phat and Fat

Off-roading with Twizzler-thin tires may work for Kermit, but non-Muppets may want something a little sturdier. The Moonlander accommodates massive 4.7˝ wide tires on 100mm rims. This means you can ride them at very low pressure and cover all types of terrain, from mud to snow. The bottom bracket height gives you clearance for climbing over rocks, or dare we say, even the carcass of one Miss Piggy.

Nike Lunar Swingtip Lea Review

Not every avid golfer is a 50-something-year-old rich white dude. Come on, that’s ridiculous. There’s plenty of 40-something-year-old rich white dudes who love to play too. But seriously, golf has grown in the past two decades to become much more mainstream. Nike knows this as well as anyone, since it’s their guy (Tiger) who took the sport’s popularity from the rough to the greens. With that in mind comes the Nike Lunar Swingtip Lea ($109-$119), a street-casual golf shoe that’s meant to look just as good on the town as it does on the 10th tee.

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The Jetovator

When the piranhas invade your lakeside family reunion this year, guess who’s gonna be the only person to high-pressure hose his way to safety? Nooo, not former NASCAR great Dick Trickle (good/weird guess, though). You will be! Yes, you will able to evade those tiny teeth with the use of the Jetovator ($9,000); a water-powered (via personal watercraft) bikeish vehicle that goes up to 25 mph and 30 feet high. It also plunges you 10 feet below the surface, so once you escape the piranhas, you can drop back under the water to give them the finger (figuratively).

Suzuki GSX 1400 Special Edition Axis Quad

Before you begin drooling over Batman’s motorcycle again (The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20), feast your eyes on the Suzuki GSX 1400 Special Edition Axis Quad. At $40,000, it’s cheaper than Bruce Wayne’s bike, and yet it looks almost as wicked. With a GSX 1400cc Suzuki digitally fuel-injected motor, you’ll have more than enough get-up-and-go to track down baddies like Calendar Man, Mad Stan, and Jazzman. Yes, they are all actual Batman villains. French Toast Sticks Guy can’t be far off.