FBI Child ID App for the iPhone

Hopefully, parents out there will never have to worry about reporting a missing child. In the unlikely event that it happens though, the FBI’s Child ID app may save precious time and ensure accuracy of information when reporting their disappearance. The iPhone only (for now) app allows the user to store their children’s photos and vital stats. In a crisis, you may forget important details, so being able to show the police all the important info on your kid is beyond helpful.

There’s also a special button to call 911 and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Another function allows you to email all the stats to authorities. On the other hand, the information is not password-protected. So, pretty much you’re carrying around unsecured personal information on your kids all the time. That part needs more thought.

What they really need is an RFID tag or GPS locator that you can pin to your child, and then track through your smartphone. It could be in the form of a Mickey Mouse button or some other children’s accessory that no one else would know about. Or you could implant a chip into your child. Body modification. It’s the latest rage.