Fitbit Force: Just How Much Of A Stair Master Are You?

Fitness-tracking bands are indeed trendy right now, but how many of them can measure your altitude? If you’re gonna skip the elevator for the stairs at work, you damn sure want extra credit for that from your bracelet. The Fitbit Force ($TBA) is the successor to the Fitbit Flex, and the built-in altimeter is one of its key new features, letting you know just how many steps you conquered each day. It’ll also function as a watch, a key upgrade over the Fitbit Flex, and will feature a partially water-resistant body.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

What’s the next device in your home that needs to be connected? If you said “The toaster!” well, yes, but hang on, Mr. Nibbles. First let’s gets you the Fitbit Aria ($130), a Wi-Fi-enabled scale that uploads information to your private account each time you step on it. You can then monitor your progress at (“Hmmm. It says I gained a pound, but all I ate yesterday was that entire goat.”) track your trends, and compare your stats with friends and family. Next year, we’ll get that toaster of yours to run social media apps. That’ll surely be a great step forward for society.