These Headphones Will Cost A Lot To Lose

Wearable technology, it’s a thing now. Apple’s smartwatch might monitor your health, Google plans to make smart contact lenses, the list is endless. The Dash ($199), while not revolutionary, takes a small step into the future with these in-ear Bluetooth headphones. They have all the requisite headphone features: noise cancellation, 4GB of onboard storage, ear bone transduction microphone.

What sets it apart are the in-built health and body sensors. These help track your heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy expenditure. What they haven’t figured out is how to keep us from losing headphones. There’s a reason most cost $10.

Armour 39 by Under Armour: We Must Protect This Chest

Have we ever found out exactly why we needed to protect that house? Was there some special limited edition Lucky Charms in there with black raspberry marshmallows? I’m not sure. Regardless, Under Armour wants to prepare you for house protection with a new fitness-measuring accessory. Unlike Nike’s FuelBand which goes around the wrist, Armour 39 ($150) gets strapped around your chest. It records everything from calories burned and steps made, to intensity, speed, and heart rate. This gadget, some UA gear, and a professionally installed alarm system oughta keep your crib safe.