Cardboard Foosball Table: Turn Any Room Into A Game Room

Working at a cool place like Google or Amazon probably means fun perks like break rooms where employees are encouraged to blow off steam with fun games. Sadly, most of us instead work for evil jerkbags who only grudgingly provide working toilets. But hey, now any room can be turned into a game room with the Kartoni cardboard foosball table. Just bring it to work and unfold the fun as everything comes together without screws or frustrating tools. The cardboard is made from 100% renewable raw materials, and despite its eco-friendly status, the tech sector is recognized with a built-in speaker for the iPhone.

iPad Foosball

If you’ve ever owned a foosball table, chances are you don’t anymore or it’s in the garage warehousing old toy boxes at awkward angles. Yes, foosball tables have lost some of their social relevance here in the U.S., much like soccer, but New Potato Technologies is attempting to change that by introducing the Classic Match iPad Foosball Table ($99). The table works along with the iOS game called Classic Match Foosball and is equipped with 2-axis control levers that create an authentic experience of real gameplay.

Phoos Table

Can you smell that? No, not the burning plastic odor from your neighbor’s backyard (you should look into that by the way)… I’m talking about the unmistakable scent of a foosball renaissance! Yes, old school table soccer is on the way back, and the Phoos Table ($599) is leading the charge. With a modern design featuring low-emission engineered wood, sleek metal rods, and spiffy styling, this table is the perfect host for what will surely be the sports comeback of the decade. Welcome back, foosie.

Electropolished Steel Foosball Table

I can remember seeing foosball tables in pizzerias back in the 70s (that’s the 1970s, btw). Today they’re goner than Gone Baby Gone. Some might say it’s because foosball fever isn’t at a fever pitch these days, but I respectfully disagree. I think it’s because the tables crapped out somewhere around 1982. With the Electropolished Steel Foosball Table ($3,995), you can avoid that fate. Made of stainless steel and durable iroko wood, this table will withstand hand-smashes by even the beefiest of sore losers, as well as decades of errantly tossed pizza crusts.