Snarkitecture Black Ping Pong Table: How Johnny Cash Would’ve Played

If you’re like me and spent many a restless night wondering why Johnny Cash didn’t play more ping pong, you’ll be relieved to know we now have an answer. It wasn’t because table tennis didn’t fit his tough guy image, no, it’s because he never had an all-black table like this one to play on. “Slice” from the Brooklyn-based design studio Snarkitecture is made of Richlite, steel, rubber, and the souls of ping pongers past. It’s how Johnny would’ve played.*


flix Live: If You Can’t Stand The Heat In The Kitchen

If the warmth generated by an oven, and even say, a simultaneously sizzling frying pan, is too much for you to remain in the kitchen, well, damn; what kind of freakazoid condition is that? For hyper heat-sensitive people and anyone else who likes the idea of a portable kitchen, check out flix Live ($4,160). Its three folding wings on its sides bring you all the vital components of the home’s most important room. You’ll find a chopping board, spice station, built-in scales, clock and timer, cutlery and tool holders, and more. Trick it out with LED lighting and a charcoal grill or two-burner electric stove and you may just be able to turn your current kitchen into a spare man cave.

The Acoustic Immersion Pod

In the battle over which is the coolest pod, you’ve got the iPod (old, plus the capitalization is wrong), the pods from Attack of the Body Snatchers (scary and gross), and now this: The Acoustic Immersion Pod ($3,000) from Hammacher Schlemmer. If you’re looking to shut out the world and let your music envelope you, this is the pod to rule them all. This six-speaker surround sound chamber is lined with open-cell acoustic foam that magically deflects, disperses, and absorbs sound waves, leaving you with nothing but audio bliss. Both a 5.1 and 2.1 sub-amplifier component are included, so yeah, let’s go ahead and call this one a victory for the new pod on the block.

Uppleva: IKEA’s All-in-One Entertainment Systems

Those crafty Swedes are at it again. IKEA, the purveyors of fine furniture and some of the best um, Godis Chokladagg around, have something magical up their sleeves. Later this year they’ll be rolling out a series of all-in-one home entertainment systems that come with a LED TV, 2.1 sound system with wireless subwoofer, Wi-Fi, and Blu-Ray player. They’re calling it “Uppleva”(it means ‘experience’), and it aims to reduce cable clutter and give you that perfect IKEA showroom look without you having to illegally live in their store. Europe’s getting it first, with the base model expected to fetch about $995.

Teckell Cristalliino Gold LE Foosball Table

Your years of complaints about foosball not being “highfalutin enough” have now been addressed. Please see the Teckell Cristallino Gold LE table, crafted by Italian experts who no doubt heard your cries from across the pond and were all like “Mama Mia, what a gavone!” The table’s body is made from low iron crystal glass, with 24 carat gold-plated accessories littering the playing field, so we predict you’ll see one of these in a rap video within 90 days. Only 50 models are being made, so you’ll have to hurry if you wanna beat Lil Whoever to the punch.

Customize IKEA furniture with Mykea

IKEA furniture is both a blessing and a curse. Practical and relatively modern at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, everybody and their grandmother has your exact same Malm bedframe. Customize your IKEA furniture with Mykea, a new service allowing you to order from a portfolio of unique designs or indulge your inner creative child and create your own.  Think of these vinyl stickers as skins for your furniture.