Samsung Galaxy 7.7

Well, here’s a stocking stuffer for ya. The new Samsung Galaxy 7″ gets tweaked just in time for Christmas. Trumpet the horns because this all-metal exterior tablet is the first to use a Super AMOLED Plus Panel. Toodle doo! That’s what a horn sounds like right? So, you’ve got a 1200 x 800 resolution. Inside, Android 3.2 hums away, while the graphical interface uses Samsung’s TouchWiz UX.

Processing power clocks in at 1.4GHz and download speeds, theoretically, reach 21Mbps. That is, when everybody’s not on Netflix all at once. Internal storage runs from 16GB to 64GB. Of course, you’ve got the expandable microSD slot, 5100mAh battery rated at 10 hours and 802.11n WiFi.

When it comes to tablets, seven inches seem to be sweet spot. You get larger screen space than a mobile, but retain its mobility. If the 7″ market becomes mature, what will happen to the iPad? Can you imagine a 7″ iPad? Steve Jobs would shriek in horror. He should be worried, because Samsung is gaining fast on Apple.

Pricing is still unknown, but let’s just guess $499 shall we? A great Christmas gift, and one you can literally stock in your stuffing. Errr, or vice-versa.