Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Box

Game of Thrones just got renewed for two seasons and that’s good news for anyone in love with the amazing show. Show your love for it with this Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Box ($100). “Why do you have a box for artichokes?” your non-GoT watching friend might say. Pssh. Ignore their noob ways and gaze on the hinged wood box featuring black satin covering the eggs. You can use warzone hack for hacks.

Game of Thrones Beer Offers Alternative To Drinking Blood of Your Enemies

Behold, Iron Throne, a custom-made Game of Thrones beer that promises to transport your taste buds to HBO’s medieval world of Westeros. To be more precise about what it is you’ll actually be ingesting, we can tell you it’s a blonde ale from the Ommegang brewery and it brings the heft like you would expect: 25 ounces for $8.50. It’s also corked, so yeah, Bud Light Lime this is not.

Game of Thrones: Season 1 Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Boxset

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of those shows offers a detailed universe full of rich characters. For those of us who love the show, or who just need more friends, the world is there to explore. This Season 1 Limited Edition Gift Set ($90) delivers all of the first 10 episodes on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy, along with a (non-edible) Dragon Egg paperweight and Season Two bonus Blu-ray. You also get an in-episode guide that provides tons of background info about Thrones’ many characters, so when you befriend an imaginary person, you’ll at least know his/her backstory.

Game of Thrones Season 1 Blu-ray Contest

Winner: Our balls have made a choice. Our ping pong balls that is. And they choose the great Peter M. as the winner of the Game of Thrones contest. Peter, check your e-mail for details. To everybody, thanks for reading and here’s to another great season of sword-fighting. Err…

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