This Stylish Watering Can Will Upgrade Your Plant Game

Straight pimpin’. That’s how you’ll feel pouring water from this ultra-modern watering can. And it’s not just from over function for Eva Solo’s Aquastar ($40). The narrow spout allows water to be directed to a specific spot without messy splashback. Splashback sucks. 

It’s possible this can also act as a pitcher for liquid. Pour lemonade in there, hold the spout to your mouth and make like a fern.

Click & Grow Smartpots

Click & Grow Smartpots ($60) are perfect for the man whose thumb was only green that one time he got fresh with a leprechaun. This simple kit includes everything you need to grow and maintain some no-hassle vegetation in your place. Plant seeds, nutrients and software are all taken care of. Just add batteries and mind the water levels occasionally and poof! You are now a bonafide gardener.

Miimo: Robotic Lawn Mower

All of a sudden there’s more lawn mowing robots than there are kids mowing lawns. The latest AI grass cutter/lazy-kid-enabler is Honda’s Miimo. Just set up a boundary via wire and this little gizmo will cut 2-3mm of your grass throughout the week in random patterns, giving your grass a chance to grow all healthy like. The Miimo knows to stay away from rocks and dead opossums, and even returns to its charging station when it’s low on juice. The question is: Do you trust your lawn to the Miimo, LawnBott, or Tango E5? We already know the kid is out of the question.

iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaner

Before we get to the whole robots-are-thinking-for-themselves-and-they’ve-come-to-kill-us deal, we’ve got a lot more help to get from modern-day technology. One of these helpful AI systems is the new iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaner ($300), which helps, not harms, humans by getting in their gutters and tearing through leaves, dirt and clogs with the press of a button. The Looj has enough of a brain to travel down your gutter on its own and adapt to the debris, but not enough to say, slit your throat as you sleep.

Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower

Can’t bring yourself to cut the cord with cable TV yet? (btw, it’s exhilarating) Try cutting the cord on your electric lawnmower. The Ryobi 40V Cordless Mower ($399) uses a spiffy 40V Li-ion battery–no oil, no gas, no eye of newt, nothing. It takes just 90 minutes to charge up, giving you plenty of time to make that call to the cable company. Tell ’em Sam sentcha!

IKEA Mini Greenhouses

Your living space may be modest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the raw eroticism of a fresh tomato plant in your home. IKEA’s SOCKER Greenhouse ($19.99) is compact enough for an apartment, yet expansive enough to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs in. It opens at the top so you can easily access your plants, and the lil’ greenhouse’s roof vents can be set to bring in air if things need to cool down a bit. And things probably will need to calm down, what with that sexy tomato plant and all.