Gibson Firebird X

Hand-sorted swamp ash. Yes, you read that correctly. Gibson’s Firebird X guitar has a body made out of hand-sorted swamp ash. What does that mean? We’re not sure exactly, but we’re picturing a bearded, calloused, master craftsman, chafing his burnt hands deep in the Bayou, sorting through that swamp ash for your precious axe. Inside, Gibson makes a quantum leap in technology, like going from a single note to a symphony. The RoboHead tuners autotune, while onboard multiprocessors turn your fretboard fireworks into a multitude of sound and effects. It even has Bluetooth to connect the Firebird X to its pedals. This leaves more time for Yngwie Malmsteen shreddin’ and arguing with bandmates.

Physically, the rock maple neck and curly maple fingerboard makes this instrument crazy light (just a little over 6 lbs), as well as an overachiever when it comes to sustain and tonal range. Gibson says the Firebird X is louder than a typical solid body guitar, with substantial tone from lowest bass note to highest treble note. With a limited run of just 1,800 units, it is sure to become a collector’s classic. Plus, I mean, how much swamp ash is there to go around anyway?