Gigabyte A2 Tiny Portable HDD

Gigabyte makes losing portable hard drives even easier by introducing their A2 Tiny. This little bad boy packs 160GB in its slightly larger than lighter size frame. Inside, Gigabyte has placed a 1.8″ SATA hard drive, which is a smaller version of their original A2, running on a 2.5″ hard drive. Its special exterior surface prevents fingerprints smudges and is also heat resistant, though to what degree is unknown. Get it? What “degree”? It’s a play on words. Holla!

Gigabyte has specially designed the A2 Tiny to protect against shock and vibration. But not against awe. Har har. Flip out the USB connector and you are good to go. Oh, it only comes in charcoal gray and pricing is unknown. Now, feel proud when you hear that “it’s so tiny”.