Pinnable Cork Globe

“Stick a cork in it!” They always say that, but no one ever says “stick it in the cork”. And now that you read that, it does sound rather odd. And perverted. But here’s the opportunity to stick it in a cork. A cork globe that is. The cork globe comes set on a stainless steel base and measures 10″ high. A bunch of pins are included so you can mark off those fancy destinations you’ll never visit.

Monocle x Nendo Watanabe Globe: What A Wonderful World

Sometimes it seems like Louis Armstrong was right; it is a wonderful world. The Monocle x Nendo Watanabe Globe ($218) comes to Louis’ defense with its elegant black and white design. The major cities are marked in bold type, and the compact 14.75” x 10.25” size means you could have the whole world in your hands; or at least for at least a few minutes until it’s time to eat beef jerky or something.