The Weekend Refill, 6.6.14

– Girl scout so overjoyed about selling 60 boxes she does a faceplant [The Blemish]
– Soldiers look back on D-day. [Art of Manliness]
– Don’t ask for a countdown on a rollercoaster. [Cheezburger]
– GoPro bike crash. [Sick Chirpse]
– No legs, but can still thrash on the skateboard pretty well. [Man of Many]
– 7-year old gets Lamborghini birthday party [Autoblog]
– Get thousands of matches on Tinder with just one photo. [Sneakhype]

A stripper enters Dunkin’ Donuts. You’ll never guess what happens next!

– Screen test featuring really scary person. [Screenrant]
– Mashup shows how Pharrell songs all start the same way [Gawker]
– Real life locations of fictional tv show hangouts. [Mental Floss]
– Johnny Football parties in Vegas. He’s the next Gronkowski. [Busted Coverage]
– Guy grabs a bat to a fight and no, that doesn’t end well. [Live Leak]

GoPro Hero3+: Take Sharper Videos Of You Doing Crazy S**t

GoPro knows you”re not content to simply wear their rough and rugged HD cameras while jet skiing or bungee jumping; no, you wanna jet ski as you bungee jump. But to do that you’re gonna need an even more GoPro-ier camera. The new Hero3+ ($329) is up to the task, coming in 20% smaller than its predecessor and with a new lens that GoPro says will result in 33% sharper videos. The battery is also expected to last 30% longer, and that’ll come in handy if it’s a really long bungee cord.

GoPro HERO3 Black Edition

Streaking (yes, as in running naked) through Costco is not the kinda thing you wanna do more than once, trust me. So when you finally summon up the courage to show bulk shoppers your, uh, bulk, make sure you’re at least wearing the new GoPro HERO3: Black Edition ($400). Wear it, mount it, submerge it, whatever. It takes video 1440p 48fps, 1080p 60 fps and 720p 120 fps video, as well as 12MP photos at a rate of 30 photos per second. Plus it’s got Wi-Fi, so you can totally stream the reactions of horrified shoppers to whomever would wanna see that stuff. Ask around, I’m sure someone does.