iGrill Gives Grillers A Shot At Perfect Steaks

Don’t waste good meat. Use the iGrill ($40) to get perfectly grilled meat every time. The wireless Bluetooth Smart thermometer connects to your smart phone through the app. Mount the iGrill via the magnetic mount, stick the sensor in and the iGrill cycles through its 4 LED lights, each light letting you know what stage the meat’s at. Brilliant idea that frees up your hands to hold more bottles of beer.

Manbque’s Meat, Beer, Rock & Roll Cookbook

Meat. Beer. Rock n’ Roll. What else does a guy need? Ok, maybe sports. But the online ManBQue community sure has the first three. They grew out of Chicago’s rock n’ roll community and expanded coast to coast. Now, they’ve dropped a dream cookbook on men, ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock and Roll ($16). The title says it all. Inside, recipes and suggestions on perfecting burgers, steaks, wings and sausages. Those are the four basic food groups, right? Head over to ManBQue after buying the book and join all things meat, beer and rock n’ roll.

Robot Smart Grill

Imagine a world with perfectly cooked backyard BBQ meat. A universe where everything is just…perfect. No charred steaks, no thinking, no mistakes, no glitches. That’s the utopia we’ll have one day with the integration of computers into our lives. Take the Lynx Smart Grill. It hooks up to your Wi-Fi network and instantly accesses recipes and cook times. Tell it what you’re cooking and it’ll automatically heat the grill and instruct where to place the meats. During the cooking process, it alerts you when and how to cook the meat through a series of audio and visual alerts. All you have to do is react whenever you hear the series of pings. No. Thinking. Involved. Automaton boy.

Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood: Smoke The Flavor Into Its Meat Cave

Little known presidential fact: When President George W. Bush told the military to smoke Al Qaeda out of their caves in 2001, he also suggested they use mirrors, but time constraints forced him to cut that portion of the speech out. Instead of smoking things out, the home grill master looks to smoke things in–like flavor. This Bourbon Barrel Grill Wood ($14) delivers taste in abundance to whatever you’re cooking, as they’re the same blocks used to smoke the company’s salt, sugar, and spices.

Grand Hall X-Series Infrared Grills

OK, so your neighbor just pulled up with a new Porsche 911 Carrera, and while you can’t afford such a car, you need to answer his move. Hey, get a Porsche of your own! Specifically, the Grand Hall X-Series Infrared Grill (starting at $8,600). Made in conjunction with Porsche (yes, the Porsche), this grill boasts programmable LCD infrared burners, a built-in rotisserie, rechargeable batteries, and a counterbalanced hood. He may not immediately be jealous when you tell him the news, but when the odoriferous essence of those baby backs waft over into his yard, expect him to start talking trade.

Grill Clips

Don’t front on the veggies, man. I know, I know, the meat is where the man makes his mark on the grill, but don’t serve up a T-Bone steak with a side of hot dogs. Just don’t. Plus now there’s some gadgetry to get you stoked to perfectly cook your asparagus, zucchini, and onions. Grill Clips ($14.95) make it real simple to warm up your veggies in individual portions. OK, fine, you can use it for kielbasa, too; but can you at least consider eating a carrot once in a while?

Eva Solo Grill Globe

For many of us, there is no “grilling season” per se; it’s a 365 kinda thing. But lots of other people consider this weekend to be the official start of the BBQ calendar–poor, misguided souls. At least they can make up for it with a flashy meat holder like the Grill Globe ($520). The shiny aluminum lid instantly reels in your gaze before you cast your glance on the stainless steel stems holding it all in place. The integrated thermometer and lock, and rain/frostproof coating make this the kinda tool that you can trust with your charred flesh from year-round. Spread the word: you can grill outside of May-September.

Cupcakewurst: Grillable Cupcakes Inside Sausage Casings

Well, cupcakes in sausage casing are here, America. Don’t act surprised, you were clearly asking for it. Cupcakewurst involves delicious cupcake batter being squeezed into the somewhat-less-enticing animal intestine wrapper, allowing you to slap a few on the grill and let the intoxicating scent waft into jealous neighbors’ homes everywhere. With grilling season officially starting this weekend, there may be no better way to express your individuality on the coals.