Digitech iPB-10

Attention those that rock! Digitech, known for guitar effects, has just announced their new pedalboard powered by the iPad. Users can drop their iPad into the iPB-10 chassis, plug in their guitar and amp, and have at it. The corresponding iPB-Nexus app controls 87 virtual pedals that you can drag, drop, and assign to hardware footswitches. You can also add more depth to your tone with several dozen amp and speaker simulators. The iPB-10 makes it easier for musicians to customize their sound. Instead of using a tiny screen, users can now manipulate the full iPad screen to build and save up to 100 pedal configurations. Such convenience will cost you though. The board will set you back about $500, and then there’s the iPad cost as well, of course. Remember too that the setup can be seriously compromised by any sudden movements, so keep the mosh sessions and head banging to a minimum.