Fender Reclaimed Wood Guitars

Recycled riffs: bad. Recycled wood: good. The new Fender Reclaimed Wood guitar line takes Eastern Pine and Old Growth Redwood and shapes them into Telecasters and Stratocasters. The Eastern Pine comes from wood used to build a Michigan dairy barn in 1868. Meanwhile, the Old-Growth Redwood comes from wood used to build California road bridges in 1933. Quite amazing to imagine the history someone holds in their hands while they play these. Not sure what sound someone playing the Fender line of reclaimed wood guitars will get. What does the sound of saving the earth make?

108 Rock Star Guitars: Way Better Than 108 Classical Star Oboes

It was a tense moment in the publisher’s office. Author Lisa Johnson was haggling with her publisher about the subject of her next book. Lisa wanted to call it 108 Rock Star Guitars ($115), while her boss wanted it to be 108 Classical Star Oboes. Fortunately/sadly, there’s never been an oboe star, so Lisa won. And you, dear reader, win as well if you enjoy seeing amazing photos of guitars used by rock legends like Eric Clapton, Les Paul, Jimmy Page, Ace Frehley, and Carlos Santana. It even comes with a black guitar pick printed with one of three holographic foil designs. Maybe one of those designs features an oboe?

Stash Stainless Steel Bass Guitar: Not For Smashing On Stage

Pity the poor bass player; always kept in the background, forced to lay down the groove, and never allowed step to the forefront for a solo. But perhaps this 100% stainless steel bass guitar from Stash will change the way bass players are perceived. For $3,000 you get a spectacular piece of craftsmanship that yes, also makes great music. As if the stainless steel wasn’t enough of an attention-getter, the tubular neck design seals the deal as this being one surefire way to finally get the bass player some post-show groupie action.

Galasso Skate Guitars: Once A Shredder, Always A Shredder

What do you once you’ve run your skateboard ragged? If you’re Ezequiel Galasso of Argentina you turn that outdated deck into a guitar. Galasso and professional skateboarder Gianfranco de Gennaro have teamed up for Skate Guitars; lovingly recycled old skateboards that get stringed up and turned into electric instruments. From shredding in the streets to shredding on stage, this is the perfect gift for the ultimate shredder.

Horween Cordovan Leather Guitar Pick: Have A Cow

Playing a guitar with a leather pick is pretty rare, and Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan is one of the rarest leathers in the world, so if you play a little acoustic “Come As You Are” by the campfire with one of these things, it may not even matter that you thought G flat was the name of 50 Cent’s crew. These special picks promise to deliver a much warmer tone than their plastic counterparts, last longer than natural leather picks, and even mold to your grip. Each one takes about six months to make, so honor the cow that sacrificed his skin and please refrain from any Warrant covers.

Coin Guitar Picks: Upgrade Your Groupies

Chicks dig picks. For years people thought it was the actual guitar that lured the ladies, but nope. Turns out the cooler the pick, the hotter the chick. Well, prepare to be assaulted by more panties than Tom Jones at Victoria’s Secret. These handmade Coin Guitar Picks ($10) are crafted out of authentic silver, gold, brass, bronze, and more, with each one delivering standout style and undeniably sturdy construction. If playing your six string with an antique USA Indian Head Buffalo Nickel pick doesn’t drop some drawers, man, we don’t know what will.

V8 T.A.N.K.: Gas Can Guitar Amp

I’ve really enjoyed the past seven weeks or so, what with the substantial drop in societal bitching about gas prices. So I’m hesitant to even mention anything related to gasoline.  But please keep in mind, this story here is about the V8 T.A.N.K., a funky guitar amp that simply looks like a gas can. It’s also rechargeable, giving you jammable juice for up to 8 hours. And again, I said it looks like a gas can, OK? Just looks like.

Unfinished Electric Guitar Kits

Tim Allen doesn’t deserve a cherished spot in American history for his comedy stylings. God no. But he deserves a spot for getting the country, and dare I say, the world hooked on Do It Yourself projects. Channel your inner Tim and pick up one of these Unfinished Electric Guitar Kits ($125-$300). Modeled after the Les Paul, Stratocaster, and Flying V, you get everything you need to build your own instrument. Hey, while we’re talking Home Improvement, can we get Richard Karn’s Facebook page over 750 Likes? Geez… I feel bad for the guy. Freaking butter has 39,000 more.