The Secret Ingredient in These Jeans Helps Prevent Odor and Stains

Jeans don’t look good when soda gets spilled on them or when they get peed on. It’s a national epidemic. Second Narrow from Canada intends to curb this with their line of Second Narrow Jeans ($160 CAD) now on Kickstarter. A hydrophobic mixture acts as a traditional wax coating on the jeans to ward off water and odors. Wear these and stay dry and stink free.

They also make these out of Japanese fabric, known for its texture and color. Choose from three fits: tapered, straight and an experimental one called J-cut. This cut has a regular rise and a curved seam pattern that creates stacking in the leg (meaning the creasing and bunching of your jean’s legs). How will these ‘stack’ up against the king of kickstarted jeans, Gustin? We shall see.