Mega Hammock, Mega Fun

A pleasure shared is a pleasured doubled. Install this hammock and watch your pleasure 3. Nevertheless, imagine swinging lazily on this Mega Hammock designed by Hummingbird Hammocks. They’ve handmade these hammocks from nylon and an FAA certified parachute rigger designed them, so you know they’ll withstand some weight. Choose from four colors, order one and make the most of the rest of the summer.

Sleeping Bag Hammocks

In 1776, then General George Washington spent an entire night resting his wig-laden head in an NPR tote bag–thus, the sleeping bag was born. Today, sleeping bags can do magical things, like the Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag ($179.99). While most sleeping bags compress under your back when you lay in a hammock, Grand Trunk‚Äôs bag wraps around you and the hammock, creating a warm, swinging nest–not unlike that of a gigolo pigeon. You got your full length 2-way zippers, your interior zip pocket, and your cordlock adjustable-mummy style opening. Make sure you honor the father of our country: sleep with a dollar bill in your boxers.