7 Cool Things That Can (Possibly) Double as Girl Gifts for Valentine’s Day

So you couldn’t pull the trigger on that planned breakup with your girl during Madonna’s halftime horror show. Bummer, dude. Now you’re on the hook for another February 14th full of coerced commercialism. Yeah, that little scamp Cupid is back, and he’s got his arrow cocked at your dome, just daring you to show up empty handed. Well, have no less fear. So Freaking Cool is here with a nifty list of gifts that beat the Stove Top out of flowers and candy. Sure, they’re manly items, but if you spin it just right, when she tears off the wrapping, you’ll have her believing you’re in this relationship for the long haul–until that hot Wendy’s cashier finally gives you some play.

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GoBandit Live Wi-Fi Action Cam

So you’re considering taking up shoplifting as a profession–crafty, we like it. But do us a favor, before you boost that Tim McGraw cologne out of Target, strap on a helmet with the GoBandit Live action camera attached, and broadcast that sweet misdemeanor action live on the web. Whether you want to capture HD footage of extreme sports or just extreme stupidity, the GoBandit Live does the trick, and because it’s actually a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can transmit whatever tomfoolery you’re cooking up in real time. Pick this up in March for $419. Oh, and let us know where to find your videos–and the “discount fragrances”.