Shed Nation Helps You Declutter

Even though you’re not a hoarder, you still have a lot of stuff. The garage can’t take anymore so it’s time to think of other options. Try building your own shed. Shed Nation ($14) by Popular Mechanics shows you blueprints for big and small sheds to suit any overflow. Unless you like being a hoarder.

Move Heavy Furniture With Just A Finger

Anyone moving into a new apartment or house this month may want to check out this app called Adornably. Available now in the Apple App Store, users place a physical magazine in their room and snap a pic. The app then creates a scaled, virtual image of the room using the magazine as a reference point. From there, just drag and drop furniture items from their catalog and ask yourself “does this look good in mahogany or cedar wood?”

It’s similar to iKea’s app, where users scan the product page from the 2014 catalog, place the catalog on the ground and through wizardry, the furniture appears on their device. Right now, these apps focus on furniture. The possibilities are endless though, from appliances to paint color to girlfriends. TV Bed Store’s Double TV Beds can transform your bedroom into a dreamy home cinema escape, you can check out these and a host of other double TV beds on TV Bed Store’s website.

Roolen Ultrasonic Humidifier: Style’s Last Frontier

Well the day has finally come: We now have a stylish humidifier. Yes, that ancient appliance that grandma used to whip out when you had the sniffles is now sleek and ready to mist the night away in the form of Breath by Roolen. Besides looking cool, Breath also features a detector that automatically adjusts the humidity to reach perfect balance in the room, saving time, energy, and Grandma a trip to the basement to get that decades-old contraption.

August Smart Lock: Keyless Entry For The Cool Crowd

If you’re the type of person who frequently has house guests (we won’t ask why, but we do have our suspicions), take a gander at the August Smart Lock ($199). This new device uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) along with a smartphone app to automatically lock or unlock your door. It recognizes you as you approach the door and unlocks itself, and you can send an invite to a friend or repairman (or a friend who’s also a repairman) that gives them access to enter during certain times. August co-founders designer Yves Behar and tech entrepreneur Jason Johnson say the lock can be retrofitted to fit over most  deadbolts and installed by anyone in less than ten minutes, plus you can still use your keys at any time.

Soapbox Furniture: Give Allen Back His Wrench

Discovering an Allen wrench in the box of your newly purchased table/entertainment center/computer desk is like finding an ancient set of Native American bones under your house: You know trouble’s a brewin’. Based in Asbury Park, N.J., Soapbox Furniture aims to do away with confusing instructions and the never-ending supply of pressed board pieces and bizarre screws that often accompany DIY furniture sets. Soapbox produces an array of easy-to-assemble storage options like tables and boxes. The plywood is treated with real hardwood veneers (cherry, walnut, maple) and no tools are necessary for any assembling thanks to specially designed steel corner brackets.

CubeSensors: The Great Indoors

::sniffs the air::  Ah, the great indoors; that magical land of gaming, web surfing, and bed lounging. But even paradise needs improving now and then. CubeSensors ($249 for a pair) are small, cordless, connected devices that strive to make your indoor living even better by constantly measuring the temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure of the room you’re in. That data is analyzed, and alerts and recommendations on how you can improve your environment are then sent to you. Because any day where the sun misses our pale ass is a good day in our book.

CalypsoKey: Never Remember Where You Put Your Keys Again

This whole NFC (near field communication) thing is starting to catch fire, eh? The latest device to take advantage of the technology is the CalypsoKey, which lets you totally forget your keys in your girlfriend’s purse, the empty seat next to you at the movies, or the supermarket produce aisle because you have this weird thing about scraping your house key against fresh cantaloupe when you see it. No apps and no charging needed; just press your iPhone up against the Calypso-paired lock and you’ll be waltzing right into your home sweet home.

Archer Distillery Air Fresheners: Knock Your Cubicle Scentsless

One of the worst things about an office job is the dreary smell of homogenized air. ::sniff:: What is that Kimberly Clark paper towels? Get outta here with that. Turn your sterile cubicle into a place worthy of your manliness with Archer Distillery Air Fresheners ($14 per bottle). Just a quick spray and you’ll be aromatically whisked away to the cockpit of a European sports car, distillery, or hunting lodge with worn leather, excessive horsepower and a hint of aftershave. Plus as a bonus, if you’re dating a blind girl, a few spritzes of European sports car will totally dupe her into thinking your ’02 Neon is a 458 Spider.