Scented Duct Tape

Duct tape comes in bland, boring gray and smells like adhesive. That’s…booooring. Buy scented duct tape instead. Amazing smells like cupcake, grape, bubble gum, lemon and orange cream await you with these scented duck tapes by Duck Brand ($4). Each smell coincides with a similar color. If you’re gonna use duct tape, you might as well have fun with it.

The Gripstar: I Believe I Brought A Clip

Gotta love when tech invades old school objects, like the clip. Yes, the clip. That thing just got better. The Gripstar makes the clip cool for the first time since 1641 or something by providing a fast, functional, and attractive way to hold something up. Just apply the adhesive, stick Gripstar against the surface of your choosing, then insert the object. It can hold up to 1.5kg of weight and it sticks against many types of surfaces, including wood, brick, glass, metal, and wallpaper– never leaving a mark.

Magnetic Key Ring Holder & Shelf: Because You Can’t Lose A Shelf

The only thing that sucks harder than losing your keys is [INSERT MILEY CYRUS JOKE HERE]. Handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains by Meriwether of Montana, this magnetic key ring holder and shelf ($42) assures your keys will stay put at home because, come on, who could lose a shelf? Three strong rare earth magnets are embedded in the under side of the shelf and that’s your ticket to key cohesiveness.

Tile: Bluetooth Stuff-Finder

We all lose stuff everyday: keys, phones, Twitter bets about juicing baseball players–you name it. Tile aims to solve those daily dilemmas with its knack for knowing where your stuff is. Put it on an any object and then track its location via Bluetooth on your phone. But Tile goes a step further than that, since it promises to harness the Bluetooth power of all the other Tile users, thus giving you a massive swath of coverage as you try to find your nicknacks, doodads, and thingamabobbers.

Statement Bicycle Rack: A PC Excuse To Say “Nice Rack!”

“Nice rack!” may not be an appropriate way to recognize your friendly Walmart greeter, but it IS a most fitting way to salute the Statement Bicycle Rack ($190). Meant to resemble a piece of art when not in use, the rack is made from American-sourced birch hardwood, anodized aluminum, and stainless steel hardware. By the way, “Nice ass!” is fully encouraged at participating Target stores.

The Invisiplug Wood Power Strips: Fight The Tech Facists

If the ever creeping push of technology is working your nerves, push back with some wood. The Invisiplug ($16) accepts all your AC/DC devices while still blending in naturally with your hardwood floors. If this doesn’t prove to people you’re retro, maybe you can, like, tweet #ImRetro from your Galaxy S4 or something. That’ll show ’em.

roberope: No Wire Hangers

If the thought of wire hangers drives you insane with rage, relax—roberope can help. Created by a pair of German designers, roberope is part hanger, part storage accessory, and part art piece. It’s made out of marine rope with a unique inflexible design that lets it keep its shape. Just tie a knot, hang it, and you’re ready to suspend your garments with more vertical flair than a Burning Man.

Iceberg Oak Wood Bike Hanger: Here’s Your Answer To “How’s It Hangin?”

You paid good money for your bike… OK, so you stole it at knifepoint, but still, you probably paid good money for that knife, right? Point is, your bicycle deserves to be hung with style. The Iceberg Bike Hanger ($600) is beautifully handcrafted from carefully selected oak wood, plus its easy-to-use mount system can rest on walls made from wood and concrete to human skin. Remember: It’s a slippery slope from stealing bikes to making flesh walls. ONE TO GROW ON!