Blink: 100% Wireless Home Security System

The crowdfunded “Internet of Things” field gets a new entrants every day. This time, Blink, a wireless home security system, has entered the fray. Blink gives you a totally wireless, 100% portable system. Users can feel free to move it anywhere in the home and also install atlanta security cameras for safety and protection as well. The only inconvenience may be the lack of direct connection and alerts to the police, and that’s why there are many systems for home security which help protect your home. The unit will stream HD video to users and send instant alerts; however, the responsibility for alerting the authorities rests on the user’s shoulders. So, basically, it’s like having a stoned roommate watching burglaries in progress sending you text updates, as they sit on the couch and munch on Cheetos.

Nest Protect: Smoke Alarms Get Their Overdue Makeover

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are pretty low on the list of cool tech toys (“Here ya go, Sal! Plus I even threw in a sweet 9-volt battery!”), but that’s about to change. From Nest Labs, the makers of the critically acclaimed Nest Thermostat, comes the Nest Protect ($129), a smarter and much hipper way to safeguard your people and your stuff. It features a soothing female voice (choose from 3 languages) that lets you know when its batteries are low or the CO levels are high. It also recognizes movement, letting you preemptively wave it off if you simply burnt a piece of toast. Toast: so hard to get right, yet so easy to see Jesus in.

Piper: Safe At Home

Piper ($209) is all about putting your mind at ease; not by reassuring you that everything’s gonna be OK after your pet hamster Leopold suffers a crippling stroke — that’s your mom’s job or your elderly neighbor’s — but by keeping an eye on your home while you’re gone. The wide angle HD camera lets you pan and scan remotely via smartphone (iOS and Android). The automation tools let you turn off lights and heating and air systems. Temperature and humidity sensors make sure your place isn’t turning into some kind of DIY sauna. Now if it could only be used as a defibrillator for Leopold.

Canary Security Device: Safe At Home

Canaries may not rival pit bulls for their ferocity, but as the ‘coal mine’ saying goes, they damn well know when something ain’t right. This canary doesn’t tweet (or use Twitter), but it does promise to keep you abreast of your happenings at home via its HD camera, microphone, and other tech stuff. It’s controlled from your iPhone or Android device and it tracks everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity. Best of all: no bird droppings.

August Smart Lock: Keyless Entry For The Cool Crowd

If you’re the type of person who frequently has house guests (we won’t ask why, but we do have our suspicions), take a gander at the August Smart Lock ($199). This new device uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) along with a smartphone app to automatically lock or unlock your door. It recognizes you as you approach the door and unlocks itself, and you can send an invite to a friend or repairman (or a friend who’s also a repairman) that gives them access to enter during certain times. August co-founders designer Yves Behar and tech entrepreneur Jason Johnson say the lock can be retrofitted to fit over most  deadbolts and installed by anyone in less than ten minutes, plus you can still use your keys at any time.

Scout Security System: Stay Sexy And Safe

Automatically protecting your home is great, but you can’t have some tacky box o’ bolts turning off your date du jour as soon as she sashays through the door. Stay sexy and safe with Scout (starts at $120/$10 per month), a wireless system that gives you remote control of your home protection. Backup battery power means your home stays protected should the power go out, and with attractive options available in black, white, or wood, your mojo will stay intact as your dojo stays bad guy-free.

Titanium Entry Card

If you were watching TV at all in 1992, this commercial (especially guy #2) may still be haunting you in some really vivid daymares. However, if you were one of those kids who saw this and said “I wanna BE one of those guys!” then this product is for you. The ITS Titanium Entry Card ($50) is all about helping you hack into stuff. Yeah, I’m actually not even sure how we’re legally featuring this product right now, but the makers say “its inherent non-magnetic signature and size makes it perfect for discreet carry and frequent flying.” “Discreet.” Did you catch that? Anyways, if anybody asks, you did NOT read about this here, got it?

Trioh Flashlight

A flashlight, like a, uh, oh I dunno, say personal massager, is a vital tool to have in your home, and yet both are usually stored away in some easily forgettable box in the closet. That’s not good enough. The Trioh Flashlight ($70) is so pretty to look at, you’ll wanna keep it in plain view 24/7. When the doo doo goes down, it’ll be easy to find, since it automatically turns on when the power goes out, and lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge. And while we’re soapboxing up here, go ahead and put that massager on the kitchen table, too.