IKEA Lovebacken: Own IKEA History (And A Table)

For the IKEA loyalists out there, the Lövbacken may be the coolest piece of furniture you can put a lamp on. This is the first three-legged, leaf-shaped table the company sold, dating all the way back to 1956 when it was called the Lövet. Back then designer Gillis Lundgren would sell these out of his trunk (where he definitely did not keep any dead bodies), and that need for portability is what led him to unscrew the legs and voila (not a Swedish word), the flat-pack furniture movement was born.


You might love IKEA furniture, but maybe you don’t love schlepping it to one of their relatively few locations in the US; or perhaps you’re allergic to Swedish meatballs–doesn’t matter. Point is, a trip to the store isn’t necessary if you’re looking to enhance your IKEA-furnished home. Superfront makes fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases so you can update your existing IKEA stuff without the meatballs.

Ikea’s Limited Edition PS Collection

Even within IKEA’s edgy, innovative inner circles, there lies edgier, more innovative inner circles. The Swedish home products company is unveiling its PS Collection, a 46-piece limited edition series of furniture designed to increase functionality while using sustainable materials. From an unorthodox chest of mismatched drawers, to plant stands that double as room dividers, there’s bound to be someone thing that makes you say “What the… oh wow… look at this thing!  I need this!” (or some variation of that).

IKEA Mini Greenhouses

Your living space may be modest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the raw eroticism of a fresh tomato plant in your home. IKEA’s SOCKER Greenhouse ($19.99) is compact enough for an apartment, yet expansive enough to grow flowers, veggies, or herbs in. It opens at the top so you can easily access your plants, and the lil’ greenhouse’s roof vents can be set to bring in air if things need to cool down a bit. And things probably will need to calm down, what with that sexy tomato plant and all.

IKEA Cardboard Camera

Cardboard doesn’t get enough credit for its versatility. Any substance that can be made into both a box and an amazingly lifelike cutout of John Cena is clearly a godsend. IKEA recognizes this, and their new digital camera embraces cardboard in all its basic brown glory. Running on just two AA batteries, the camera’s internal memory stores 40 pictures and connects with your tech via USB connector. No word on a price yet, but it is cardboard, so we’re expecting it under a C note–the same amount of money we’d need to take that Cena cutout off your hands.

Uppleva: IKEA’s All-in-One Entertainment Systems

Those crafty Swedes are at it again. IKEA, the purveyors of fine furniture and some of the best um, Godis Chokladagg around, have something magical up their sleeves. Later this year they’ll be rolling out a series of all-in-one home entertainment systems that come with a LED TV, 2.1 sound system with wireless subwoofer, Wi-Fi, and Blu-Ray player. They’re calling it “Uppleva”(it means ‘experience’), and it aims to reduce cable clutter and give you that perfect IKEA showroom look without you having to illegally live in their store. Europe’s getting it first, with the base model expected to fetch about $995.

Customize IKEA furniture with Mykea

IKEA furniture is both a blessing and a curse. Practical and relatively modern at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, everybody and their grandmother has your exact same Malm bedframe. Customize your IKEA furniture with Mykea, a new service allowing you to order from a portfolio of unique designs or indulge your inner creative child and create your own.  Think of these vinyl stickers as skins for your furniture.