Incase EO Travel Collection

A dune buggy, a trampoline, tequila, and a Jersey Shore Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD box set (the perfect time capsule!)…yes, these are a few of the items which constitute a promising list of things to take on the first commercial flight to Mars. The luggage to use? The Incase EO Travel Collection ($150-$300/item). Why? Well, because it’s just about the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing baggage equipment you can find. Just look at this awesome montage video of the Hardshell Roller, whose padded compartment reassures that those margarita glasses will stay safe. Why the Jersey Shore box set? Well, if there is a superior intelligence out there, they will not be interested in the great things we have accomplished, but in just how bad it can get.

Incase Pathway Collection

If you took Ron Burgundy at his word in 2004 and have since remained classy, you’ll want to consider Incase’s Pathway Collection. This six-piece mix of bags and cases is all about sophisticated style; from the leather and luxurious cotton twill fabric to the magnetic closures, you’ll instantly add 30 pts to your IQ as soon as you walk into the room with these bags by your side. Matter of fact, I even felt dirty right there, calling them “bags.” I apologize. “Very classy bags.”

Incase Terra Collection Spring 2012

Sometimes, with all the videos going virile and the Tweetbooks and the iPCs and what not, you just need to slow it all down and get back to the basics. Like with luggage, for example. Luggage shouldn’t come with a USG port–it should carry stuff. Period. The Incase Terra Collection for 2012 is all about natural materials being woven into uncomplicated, casual bags meant for easy packing and lightweight travel. When you stuff your stuff into these denim or canvas sacks, you might be momentarily startled by the quilted orange interior, but fret not–low tech can be stylish, too.