m!Qbe: One Controller to Rule The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will result in smart bulbs, smart fridges, smart everything. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean the hassle of tons of remote controls and apps. m!Qbe, pronounced em-cube, looks to give users a universal controller for their smart environment. Each side of the m!Qbe controls a device, and users can tap or touch (either a short or long touch) that side to tell the device what to do. It’s a cool looking device, although it’s reasonable to wonder if anyone can remember the function of all six sides. If that happens, it’d made a cool-looking, albeit, expensive die.

Canary Security Device: Safe At Home

Canaries may not rival pit bulls for their ferocity, but as the ‘coal mine’ saying goes, they damn well know when something ain’t right. This canary doesn’t tweet (or use Twitter), but it does promise to keep you abreast of your happenings at home via its HD camera, microphone, and other tech stuff. It’s controlled from your iPhone or Android device and it tracks everything from motion, temperature and air quality to vibration, sound, and activity. Best of all: no bird droppings.

Emopulse Smile: Goodbye Gold, Hello Smartphone Bracelet

Whether it’s a gold bracelet or Henry Hill’s cufflinks, there’s only so far you can take wrist jewelry. If you’d prefer more functionality from that space on your body, check out the Emopulse Smile; it’s a smartphone/watch with a curved screen that wraps right around your arm and gives you glance-able goodies like text messages, social media updates, a check of your vital signs, and with the NFC wireless payment system built-in, you can just tell the cashier to talk to the hand wrist.