Bayan 7: iPod and iPhone Speaker Dock

The Bayan 7 gives new meaning to the phrase “feel the music”. With 8” bass, 2” mid-range drivers and 1” wide projection tweeters, not to mention its 120W power capability and twin amplifiers, the Bayan 7 delivers powerful, undistorted sound with deep, defined tones that you can literally feel (where you feel it depends on a few factors, but we’ll skip that conversation for now). Priced at $299, the Bayan 7 also features TDMA Noise Rejection, a technology that ensures you won’t experience interference from your mobile device. For those who prefer the couch to those long things connected to your hips that make you mobile – I think they’re called legs – there is indeed an IR remote control that will let you select tracks, manipulate play functions, and change the bass, treble, and volume with a few simple clicks. This all comes wrapped up in an Apple approved, certified partner meaning no random burning parts.

Lantronix xPrintServer for iOS Devices

If you’re like many people who discovered that their printer was not AirPrint-compatible AFTER the fact, you probably experienced rage like you’ve never felt and you definitely spewed a slew of profanities that you didn’t even know you knew, directly at your computer. Well, good news, kids. You don’t have to worry about anger management therapy just yet, because Lantronix’s xPrintServer, about the size of an iPhone, will allow all iOS-based devices to print to any printer connected to the same network, and you won’t need additional software either. The device simply plugs into an existing network using an RJ45 (CAT5) cable. Side note, though. The xPrintServer won’t work with printers that are connected directly to a computer with a USB port, as it comes with only one network port. So, it will need a LAN port from your router, and an external power source. Business professionals will be happy to know that they can get their hands on the xPrintServer early next year for just $150.

GuitarConnect Pro for iOS

Now you can jam out wherever and whenever you want with the GuitarConnect Pro by Griffin ($80), which basically turns your iPad or iPhone into a mini performance platform. One end of the GuitarConnect Pro offers a 1/4″ mono instrument jack that fits your instrument cable while the other end gives users a dock connector for their iOS device. Once you plug your guitar or other instrument into the jack, you’ll experience a 100% noise-free, digital connection to GarageBand or any other Core Audio app. Better yet, the gain control knob on the side lets you regulate your input signal strength. Now, if only you had this much control over the rest of the band.