Mailbox: It Delivers On Saturdays, Plus Much More!

While the U.S. Postal Service may be cutting back, there’s a new iPhone app that could soothe your senses–once your name is called. Mailbox is a free application that turns your iPhone inbox into more of a to-do list, letting you check off messages with a series of speed-based swipes. A fast swipe to the right archives a message; a slow swipe deletes it. Swing your finger to the left and it gets the “snooze”, coming back to your inbox at a later time. As we mentioned, you’ll have to wait for it. As it stands now, you gotta download the app to reserve your spot in line; a line some 250,000 people deep. for iPhone: Find Out How to Split the Tab

It takes skills (or roofies) to go Dutch on a first date and still get to second base. So much skill in fact, that you’ll probably have none leftover to figure out the cost of the check. Billr ($1) solves that by helping you breakdown who ate what, how much to tip, and even sending each member of your dinner party (up to 16 people, playa) a copy of the split bill via text message. So in summary, focus on your “21st century women are so independent and whatnot” game, and let Billr handle the math.

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Putting down your phone takes willpower, and let’s face it, you’re fresh out. The Pebble ($150) may be the watch for you, Mr. Lilly Liver, as it works with iPhone and Android devices to run a number of apps on your wrist. The e-paper screen is viewable even in bright sunlight, and you’ll appreciate that function when you’re checking your email, Facebook and Twitter messages, caller ID, and music functions. A Kickstarter pledge of $99 can lock you in for one now as they go to production.

Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter

Sometimes co-workers need to be taught a lesson. Shooting sprees are generally frowned upon, so instead deal out your brand of justice with the Griffin Helo TC Assault Helicopter ($60). This cheeky toy helicopter is an appropriate alternative to tearing through the office with an actual helicopter. Fly the copter using the Android or iOS app, which includes a virtual joystick or tilt steering. Be sure to play the always appropriate Ride of the Valkyries when launching the six included hellfire missiles; fire them at the tap of the screen into the stupid, fat faces of your stupid, fat co-workers. And for the lazy, the app allows for programmable flight plans and an auto-land feature, allowing you to continue your work while your helicopter goes on its bombing run.


Finally. The wait is finally over. HBO just released their HBO Go app for iOS devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This means that if you’re a HBO subscriber, you now have access to all your favorite HBO shows on the go. For free! And it’s hard to argue with free. Now you have no excuse not to catch up on The Wire.