Slope: iPad and Nexus Tablet Stand

Well this sucks big time. I mean literally, the Slope ($55-$59) tablet stand actually sucks to your table and your tablet. This simple accessory is made from aerospace grade aluminum, and has two nanofoam pads affixed to its aluminum base, one gripping the backside of the tablet, the other gripping the surface of the desk underneath. It’s all about the suction. Hey, can someone introduce designer Erik Kittlaus to my girlfriend?

CordLite, Illuminated Apple iPhone Cable

Does charging your iPhone in the dark have to be as tedious as a root canal by a John Tesh-Pandora-channel-loving dentist? Not necessarily. CordLite ($25) is a touch-sensitive dock connector cable for iDevices that lights up with forward-facing LEDs. Just grab the plug and let the light show magically guide you to your precious charging hole. It’s yet another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?” inventions that you’ll love using but harbor deep jealousy for as well.

Etcher: Etch A Sketch for iPad

Some things you can’t leave behind in your childhood: breastfeeding, for example–still a perfectly good way to spend Mothers Day. Another piece of your youth that deserves a place in your adult life: The Etch A Sketch. Etcher ($45) turns your iPad into a 21st century version of the classic 20th century toy. You get the physical knobs, the shake-to-erase  and everything. Plus now you can finally save your masterpieces! How about a nice nude portrait of dear old mom?

The Brydge: Turns iPad into Touchscreen Laptop

When the iPad first hit, lots of people balked at its lack of a keyboard, wondering why they’d want what simply appeared to be half a laptop. Then Americans started to get their hands on ’em and realized that ish was more addictive than crack-dusted Pringles. So yeah, about that keyboard… if you’re still jonesin’ for one, the Brydge may be your best bet. It’s a clip-on unit with a milled aluminum chassis and integrated speaker that satisfies your craving for a more traditional typing interface. Now, about that craving for crack-dusted Pringles… may we recommend a weed-infused Funyun instead?

BOWDEN + SHEFFIELD Minimalist iPad Cases

The iPad costs what, a few hundred bucks? But once you’re tablet-hooked, some say its worth seemingly quadruples. So come on now, protect that puppy with a stylish case like the Sheffield or the Bowden, made of milled polycarbonate and hand-finished cherry or walnut hardwood. The Sheffield also offers dry-erase board functionality, so you can jot down that honey’s phone number when she–OK, who’re we kidding… so you can write down her license plate number as she drives away.

MacBook Pro Fragrance

Smelling like musk or citrus or vanilla might have cut in the 20th century, but this is 2011… what’s that?  oh…  this is 2012, and to appeal to today’s techcentric citizens, ya gotta smell like the most coveted substance on the planet: a new Apple product. Yes, you too can smell like a MacBook Pro with Air Aroma’s new scent which captures the unmistakable essences of glue, plastic, rubber and paper. Think of the possibilities! Styrofoam peanuts as earrings. Clamshell packaging as hats. Bubble wrap as… wait, don’t tamper with bubble wrap.

Amplifiear: iPad and iPad 2 Sound Amplifier

Kickstarter projects have become exponentially popular after Double Fine studios and Tim Schafer raised over $3 million for a $400,000 adventure game and $3 million for the Pebble Smartwatch. The Amplifiear, an iPad sound amplifier, uses the same tiered Kickstarter pledges as so many others, so you can witness your money being put to use. Just the way capitalism intended. It works the same way as cupping your ears, and, unlike cupping your ears, doesn’t make you look like an idiot chimpanzee. The result is a louder sound at a softer volume, increasing fidelity and lowering distortion. Make a pledge, get your Amplifiear, and become the most popular person in the entire damn world (not guaranteed).

Steelie Mobile Device Holder

Everyone’s asking: what does every electronic device need? “An extremely strong magnet attached to it” is the obvious answer. The Steelie Mobile Device Holder ($35-65) delivers. Steelie promises that tablets and phones are safe from the vile machinations of magnets and their plot to destroy electronics for good. It comes in two tabletop fighting stances: Tabletop Kit Style and Hobknob Kit Style. Both are equally effective in displaying the recent cat video you found online. They also offer the Phone Kit for your automobile, which is a great way to view your phone’s GPS or watch YouTube while barreling down the highway in the pouring rain.