Dice+: High Tech Roller

If you’ve always thought the ‘board’ in board games was spelled b-o-r-e-d, we feel your pain. Perhaps it all stems from the die, that ancient gaming accessory. Dice+ ($40) is an electronic die that uses Bluetooth power to hook up with smartphones and tablets to take some traditional games into the 21st century. You roll it, your gear recognizes it. The list of games at the moment is small (Backgammon, This Way Up, and Bella & Max among others), but Game Technologies is promising many more to come at in Apples App Store and on Google Play.

iSketchnote: Digital Doodles

Who hasn’t doodled a Michaelangeloesque creation in science class? But then that masterpiece is forever bound to your science notebook and man, no one wants to keep that thing around. The iSketchnote ($119) is an iPad cover that lets you digitize your notes and sketches in real-time with the added value of a hard copy for your files. Thanks to some fancy sensors and technology we can’t begin to comprehend, you simply draw on a piece of paper on top of the pad and whatever your write instantly appears on-screen.

iPad Foosball

If you’ve ever owned a foosball table, chances are you don’t anymore or it’s in the garage warehousing old toy boxes at awkward angles. Yes, foosball tables have lost some of their social relevance here in the U.S., much like soccer, but New Potato Technologies is attempting to change that by introducing the Classic Match iPad Foosball Table ($99). The table works along with the iOS game called Classic Match Foosball and is equipped with 2-axis control levers that create an authentic experience of real gameplay.

iPad Mini

The iPad Mini has been born–without any amniotic fluid, thankfully. Starting at $329 for the 16GB Wi-fi model, Apple’s newest tablet looks to straddle the fine size line between the iPod Touch and iPad with a 7.9-inch screen. At just 7.2-millimeters thick, the Mini is 23% than thinner than the (new) iPad. It weighs just 0.68 lbs, despite the aluminum bezel. The “wow factor” isn’t really there with the Mini’s 1024 x 768 screen resolution, but since it’s the same resolution as in the iPad 2, that should mean an easy transition for developers and their apps. It can be yours – sans icky goo – November 2. Preorders start this Friday 10/26.

Modbook Pro

If the idea of putting an artistic spin on one of Apple’s hallmark products sounds tempting, the Modbook Pro ($ TBA) may be the tablet tablets keep tabs on (nice one, eh?). They call it “the world’s most powerful and largest-screen tablet computer” because it’s actually based on a rebuilt 13-inch MacBook Pro. One of the key features is the state-of-the-art pen tablet digitizer which offers 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, so yes, if you’re wondering, you can totally draw your uncle in the nude with this thing.  What!? I’m just saying! If you want to, you can!

Microsoft Surface

When did Microsoft last invent a forward-thinking and uniquely designed product that people want? Who knows, this ain’t the museum of computer science. What IS known is that Microsoft just dropped the 411 on the Surface, Microsoft’s version of the tablet and set to do battle with ultrabooks and iPads. This might just be the product to take the company into a new frontier.

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Spotify for iPad

Back in the day, we had to hear about the crappy music our friends liked directly from their faces. With Spotify, that entire process has been streamlined. Spotify updates via Facebook made us quite aware of which soon-to-be-unfriended friend was currently listening to Katy Perry or her aural equivalents (Smooth Sounds of Strangled Geese, for example). Now iPad users can take part in the conspiracy with the Spotify iPad App. The iPad offers an array of features and choices, including the ability to mirror Spotify to your TV, gapless playback/crossfading, and it plays this thing called “music”. The app also lets you follow an artist, to a similar artist, to a side project, and back again using the iPad’s swipe thingy. Spotify: it’s Pandora on ‘roids.

Paper: Drawing App for iPad

Look at this, a new free iPad application that’s all about intuitive simplicity. And you know they mean business right off the bat with the name: Paper. Simple. Use the app to draw sketches, diagrams, pictures of naked ladies, whatever motivates you to get artistic, man. Create the next Mona Lisa with your finger, or just draw Mona from Who’s The Boss? What we’re saying is, it’s all up to you.