iPhone Concrete Skin by Posh Craft: Man-Made Or Moon-Made?

What could be a sturdier safeguard for your precious iPhone than a concrete barrier? The answer: concrete cloned after the moon’s surface. The “Luna” Concrete Skin (for the iPhone 5) from Korean brainstormers Posh Craft is made from a legitimate concrete material that does indeed mimic the moon’s cheese rock surface. Each skin even has its own unique craters. And just think, with this phone case, you’ll instantly have more space experience than Lance Bass.

Poppy: Bring 3D To Your iPhone

There are those certain pictures, like say of these hideous feet, that you’re glad are only in one dimension; but sometimes you wish you had three dimensions to work with. Poppy ($39) turns your iPhone into a 3D camera thanks to its ingenious positioning of mirrors, using a technique like the old View-Master toy used to entertain tots in the prior century. Capture, view, and share #D video and photos on the iPhone 4, 4s, 5, and 5th generation iPod Touch.

adidas Smart Ball: Bend It Less Like Posh Spice

If you’ve always envied the amount of stats that baseball fans get to pour over, yet you fancy yourself more of a soccer guy, the adidas Smart Ball should be on your radar. Using a sensor at the core, the ball is able to analyze its precise flight characteristics once it goes past 10 meters. Speed, spin, bend, trajectory of the flight, and more will be relayed to your iPhone app. There’s also a training mode that promises to get you bending it more like David Beckham and less like Victoria.

Geneva Model S Wireless: The Clock Radio Grows Up

The dreaded BEHHT! BEHHT! BEHHT! of traditional alarm clocks was almost outdone by their unsightly aesthetics. The Geneva Model S Wireless ($300) fixes both of those problems with a slick minimalist design and powerfully precise acoustics. Seemingly free of any controls, once you connect your iPhone or iPod to the device an array of options light up. When you’re not waking up to your tune du Jour or the FM radio, you’ll have room-filling sound to savor. This is progress.

Automatic Driving Assistant App: Learn Your Car Somethin` Good

Ever encourage your car to read the classics? They never listen, do they? `I`m telling you, Ford Fiesta, you would LOVE `Of Mice and Men!` Point is, automobiles aren`t smart–even when they apply themselves. So think of Automatic ($70), a very thorough driving assistant app/piece of hardware, as the equivalent of Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds; the odds are against it, but somehow this teacher is gonna prevail. Your vehicle`s built-in computer data morphs with Google Maps and current gas price info to churn out a bevy of useful stats, covering all things fuel usage and even handling engine alerts. The device can also sense a crash and then alert the nearest emergency responder to your location. I suppose that`s more useful than a car that knows its multiplication tables.

Rhino Shield: Probably Better Than An Actual Rhino

Convincing an actual rhinoceros to stand guard over your smartphone seems… well, kinda asinine. But using Rhino Shield seems downright sensible. The custom formulated polymer offers extraordinary impact absorption and excellent transparency when simply placed over your screen. Of course, all your touch-based capabilities remain fully intact, but now you have a smudge-and-scratch resistant coating to protect your pride and joy–and no testy, horny beasts lumbering by your side all day.

Ballo: Because Guys Love Balls

Well here’s a portable speaker that’s also a conversation piece. Ballo gets its name – we’re assuming – from its ball-like shape. Plug it into your iPhone and listen to your music in a truly unique way. And if you should find your neighbor also rocking out with his Ballo out, you can set yours apart from his with a selection of colorful bands. Buy a pair and you can totally have blue Ballos.

IRIS 9000 Voice Control Module for iPhone & Siri

Some people say Star Wars is the greatest Sci-Fi film ever, some say Blade Runner, others say Alien. NO ONE SAYS BATTLEFIELD EARTH! How do we know? Because the whole movie is just sitting there for free on YouTube. Anyways, the other movie that people revere as perhaps one of the greatest ever in the genre is 2001: A Space Odyssey. If you’re an iPhone user and a fan of the flick, you need this IRIS 9000 Voice Control Module ($60). Besides being a dead ringer for HAL 9000, it also gives you some room between you and your phone while still letting you boss Siri around.