Harman Kardon CL

These Harman Kardon CL over-ear headphones are going to be exclusively sold at Apple Stores, so if you like, oh, I dunno, hearing things, check these out the next time you’re looking for a way to pump the sound from your iThingy to your ear canals. The swank styling includes ear cups made with a welcoming soft material that promises to sink comfortably around your ears while delivering brilliant sound. These are good things.

Aviiq Portable Charging Station

The Cords might be a nice name for a cover band for The Chords (yeah, we just heard of them too), but the cords – as in wires and cables – are a pain in the ass. Aviiq Portable Charging Station ($79) is a portable charging station that organizes your cadre of um, cords, while giving you juice for up to four USB devices at one time. Less clutter means less stress, and less stress means more time to familiarize yourself with toe-tappers like “Maybe Tomorrow.”

CordLite, Illuminated Apple iPhone Cable

Does charging your iPhone in the dark have to be as tedious as a root canal by a John Tesh-Pandora-channel-loving dentist? Not necessarily. CordLite ($25) is a touch-sensitive dock connector cable for iDevices that lights up with forward-facing LEDs. Just grab the plug and let the light show magically guide you to your precious charging hole. It’s yet another one of those “Why didn’t I think of that!?” inventions that you’ll love using but harbor deep jealousy for as well.

Day Maker

Here we go, another Kickstarter project. These things are capitalism juggernauts. The Day Maker ($100) is a cathartic device for those frustrating days when you really feel the need to shove expensive electronics into toaster ovens. Aside from toast simulation, the Day Maker is a phone charger/alarm thing that launches your phone at the designated alarm time. For snooze time, just shove the phone back into its hole-home. The Day Maker is being offered at drastically reduced Kickstarter prices, so support it now you cheap, gracious bastard.

The Littlest Black Book for iPod Nano

Little black books were traditionally kept for storing the phone numbers of past partners, back when you had to physically type out the number you wished to drunk dial. Every number was an extra second or two for you to rethink, consider stopping, and then ignore that and continue dialing. The Littlest Black Book for iPod Nano ($34) has nothing to do with any of that. It is, however, an iPod Nano case crafted from Italian bonded leather and hand-made in Minneapolis Minnesota. It’s like a tiny music book for a studious little squirrel. The mental image is so cute I want to puke.

MacBook Pro Fragrance

Smelling like musk or citrus or vanilla might have cut in the 20th century, but this is 2011… what’s that?  oh…  this is 2012, and to appeal to today’s techcentric citizens, ya gotta smell like the most coveted substance on the planet: a new Apple product. Yes, you too can smell like a MacBook Pro with Air Aroma’s new scent which captures the unmistakable essences of glue, plastic, rubber and paper. Think of the possibilities! Styrofoam peanuts as earrings. Clamshell packaging as hats. Bubble wrap as… wait, don’t tamper with bubble wrap.

Onkyo CS-345 CD Mini System

If you’ve been a put off by the abundance of convenient-but-crappy-sounding music accessories for your iPod or iPhone, you’re not alone. Well, perhaps you are alone right now as you read this, but you know what I mean. Onkyo’s  CS-345 ($299) is a mini system for people who actually care about how their music sounds, even if it comes from a phone.

The easy-access dock provides a digital link between your iPod or iPhone  as well as amplification circuitry for a cleaner signal transfer and better sound. Onkyo’s on-board Active Bass Control automatically adjusts bass levels to prevent fading at low volume, with Super Bass bringing the deep lows you love. The CS-345’s two-way bass-reflex speakers feature MDF construction for enhanced sound quality and longer life.

A front-mounted CD tray plays back compact discs (whew!), your MP3 mixes, and CD-R/CD-RW discs. There’s also a video line out for playback on a TV, and an FM/AM radio.

In other words, it does everything but make toast. Oh wait. *reads manual*. Nope, doesn’t make toast.

Time Command Mini iPod Alarm Dock

Small doesn’t always been quiet. I mean, kids are small, and they’re not quiet. Mini dachshunds are small, and they’re not quiet. Even my Aunt Carmen Maria Anita Carolina Guzman Davila is small….and she’s definitely not quiet. And the Time Command Mini Compact Audio Alarm Dock is no exception. Priced at $79.95, this mini alarm dock puts out some serious sound. At its most basic, it charges and plays Apple devices. More than though, you get a precision tuned Sonic IQ acoustic system, pivoting dock supports and a dimmable LED display. Clear out that perpetually cluttered nightstand and replace it with this space-saving gadget.

You can even download the free app, Stem:Connect, from the iTunes App Store to set repeat calendar-based alarms, check the daily forecast, create a custom sleep audio session, and more. Small. Functional. Versatile. And effectively loud. That’s the Time Command Mini Compact Audio Alarm Dock in a nutshell.