Preorder iSteve: The Book of Jobs by Walter Isaacson

For the budding entrepreneur or the established executive, preorder iSteve: The Book of Jobs. Written by Walter Isaacson, this will be  the only authorized biography of Steve Jobs. Jobs will go down as one of the greatest figures in our century. His ability to imagine cutting edge ideas, create new markets and capture his audience shows his ability as both a businessman and creator.

Although there are other biographies of Jobs out there, none are authorized and none are written by Walter Isaacson. Getting Steve’s cooperation means an insider look at Jobs’ decision-making at critical moments in his career. Tremendous insight for any entrepreneur. Don’t forget Isaacson’s participation though. Pulitzer Prize winning author of Kissinger’s biography, his subjects have also included Einstein and Benjamin Franklin. His books are always well-received. The combination of Jobs and Isaacson will rocket this up the charts. Order yours today.