Gentleman’s Survival Kit: Cast Away ‘Wilson’ And Keep This

Imagine you went all Tom Hanks style and found yourself stranded on a desert island. Not a dessert island, with cupcake pebbles, creme brulee caves, and luscious Yoo-Hoo rivers, but a desert island: no humans, no technology. Cast Away made it seem like a volleyball would be your most prized possession, but we’d opt for something more like the Gentleman’s Survival Kit (sadly, it’s not for sale). Starting with a vintage briefcase, blogger pscmpf didn’t waste any time buying vowels for his screen name; instead he built this beauty with a crafty mix of scrap wood, tin, and leather. He then loaded it up with essentials like a hatchet, kindling chips, a flask, and some Jack Daniels–and Jack beats Wilson every time.


Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition Frank Sinatra Bottle

It’s funny how the moment someone you respect endorses a product, it renders that otherwise unwanted object desirable. Okay, maybe it’s not so funny, but it’s similarly true regarding my newfound love for Jack Daniel’s and the Limited Edition Frank Sinatra Bottle ($150). Let’s review: Frank Sinatra was class incarnate, he was a member of the Rat Pack, and he got to sleep next to Ava Gardner for years. Yeah, I respect him, and he didn’t need the first two distinctions either. The ‘Sinatra Select’ has a lustrous appearance, embossed metal shoulder label, and at the neck of the tall-framed bottle, a medallion featuring an icon of Sinatra’s familiar fedora. Here’s looking at you, Ava…I mean Frank.

Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye Whiskey

It’s Jack Daniel’s Unaged Rye Whiskey ($50), not underaged rye whiskey, but it still holds the ability to get you in just as much trouble as a minor. It’s the first new mashbill from JD in over a century, and with a pleasantly sweet, fruity aroma and crisp, dry finish, it wouldn’t be hard to take a shine to this moonshine. Savor the flavors responsibly.

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Apple Whiskey Punch

Well, this is it people. We’re now mired in the polar bear days of winter, when your nose doesn’t run, it icicles. Alas, we have the antidote to January’s dearth-of-degrees doldrums: Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack Apple Whiskey Punch ($28). This special sauce will not only warm the cockles of your heart, it’ll warm the cockles of anyone’s extremities within an 8-foot radius, so exercise caution and stuff. The perfect-for-fireplace-nuzzling flavors of JD, apple, cinnamon, and cloves come together the way you and your ex never could. But now is not the time to dwell on the past, no. It’s time to make hot cockles.