Skyfall: ray. Blu-ray.

If you missed Skyfall (about $25 on Amazon) in theaters a few months back, most people would say you missed a pretty good installment in the 007 franchise. Heck, Roger Ebert slapped four stars on it. So maybe you should rethink that box of chocolates for your lady and instead pick up this action-packed Blu-ray when it hits stores this Tuesday. Daniel Craig’s third crack at Bond features a classic opening chase scene and – what the? – the use of a Komodo dragon as a stepping stool.

James Bond Skyfall Peacoat

While finding a Pussy Galore for your arm is no easy task, finding a 007 coat for your torso is not. Designer Billy Reid’s Bond Peacoat ($695) can be seen on Daniel Craig in Skyfall, and now it can be seen on you. The styling of this 100% wool coat is classic, featuring a peak lapel, single back vent, and trim fit. And you’re gonna need a trim fit if you’re gonna try to corral an Octopussy.

The James Bond Archives

I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel a case of Bond fever coming on. Between the very solid early reviews for Skyfall and the newly released Blu-ray boxed set, 007 is riding high in 2012. Turn your fever into an untreatable case of bird flu with The James Bond Archives ($126), a 592-page hardcover book that bursts with info, photos, designs, storyboards, and production materials from Bond’s 50 years in cinema. Each book even comes with an original strip of film from Dr. No–which I think beats owning the entire reel of, earnings of, and broadcasting rights to Norbit.

James Bond Fragrance for Men

When 007 isn’t wearing the scent of last night’s Octopussy, you can bet he’s smelling damn good, my friend. Now, finally, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the film franchise, comes James Bond Fragrance for Men. Spritz yourself with the hints of fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver, along with lavender, moss and coumarin, and you’ll be bagging more babes than Q would know what to do with.

James Bond 50th Anniversay Box Set on Blu-ray

Some of you may see this post and say “Oh neat! They’re finally putting all the James Bond films in one Blu-ray collection!” Everyone else, however, is pissed that they just lost $300. See, that’s what Bond 50 is gonna cost, and come on, no matter how many Bond DVDs or Blu-rays you have, let’s face it: you’re buying this thing. With 23 discs covering 22 films (one bonus disc full of extra content), and packaging sexier than Pussy Galore, any self-respecting movie lover is gonna find it impossible to lay off this box-o-Blu. Note: Amazon has it up for pre-order at $199, so you can use the other $100 to pay someone to take the Timothy Dalton & Pierce Brosnan films off your hands.