Jay-Z’s Empire Facebook Game

Jay-Z’s plan to infiltrate every form of media unfolds with the launch of the Empire Facebook game (he’s not going to rest until he releases his dream projector, where he’ll star as the main character in all of your dreams forever). Inspired by Jay-Z’s life, Empire is a cross between Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4, with just a hint of PaRappa the Rapper. You’ll perform rap-related tasks that provide money, fame, or experience after completion, letting you rise from the drudgery of Brooklyn’s ghetto to the drudgery of fame and fortune. Jay-Z isn’t promising success in Empire to translate to success in real life, but then again…he might be.  You should probably assume the latter.

Hublot King Power UNICO GMT Watch

When Jay-Z gives you a shout-out (see “Otis”), your profile shoots way up. So it goes with watchmaker Hublot, who plan to release the Hublot King Power Unico GMT Watch. Available in either gold or black ceramic, this 48mm heavyweight gives you the time in 24 different time zones. Four rotating GMT discs on the watch face rotate in sync. As they do, the red markers line up with corresponding cities on the ceramic bezel. Great for those who travel a lot. Also good for those who work in cubicle farms and wonder about the time in their favorite vacation spot. Dwayne Wade just signed on as a spokesperson, so you’ll find yourself in great company with this on your wrist. Debuts in Geneva in January.