JBL Charge: The Portable Party-Maker

What’s the official number of people you need for a gathering to be considered an actual party?  I’m gonna say six is the minimum, but it’s up for debate. What’s not up for debate however is the fact that a party ain’t a party without music. JBL’s Charge ($150) gives you portable party-maker status and more as this wireless Bluetooth speaker features a huge 6,000mAh rechargeable battery (estimated 12 hours of playback) and a USB port that can charge your phone at the same time. Speaker specs? Two 41mm full-range drivers, a built-in bass port, and a 2 x 5 watt amplifier. Now, if I only had five friends. ::sad violin::

JBL SoundFly Air AirPlay Plug-in Speaker

This 2013 CES Innovations honoree will finally give you enough motivation to find all those unused wall outlets hiding behind your furniture. Considered a progeny of the old Apple iPod speaker docks, the JBL SoundFly Air ($199) is an AirPlay-enabled Wi-Fi speaker that connects to your iOS devices without the necessity of the dock. Just plug the speaker in to any of the recently discovered wall outlets (preferably one under your roommate’s bed), make sure your Wi-Fi connection is active and that AirPlay is enabled, then start playing any sort of music characteristic of a rave concert. And with its small size, stealth won’t be an issue.