The Chipotle of Jeans

Chipotle-style customization has made its way from Mexican food to the world of jeans. Flint and Tinder gives the customers options to choose from over 8,000 combinations of style, fit, denim and hardware. Select from slim, classic and relaxed fits. Their denim comes in three different fabrics. Finally, choose from different patches and hardware.

The fabric are high-quality weaves from the world of selvedge denim. Every pair is made in the good ol’ USA. And Flint and Tinder offers a special 50% buyback program. Within one year, send these back and get 50% credit towards a new pair. Unfortunately, they don’t come with guacamole or sour cream.

The Secret Ingredient in These Jeans Helps Prevent Odor and Stains

Jeans don’t look good when soda gets spilled on them or when they get peed on. It’s a national epidemic. Second Narrow from Canada intends to curb this with their line of Second Narrow Jeans ($160 CAD) now on Kickstarter. A hydrophobic mixture acts as a traditional wax coating on the jeans to ward off water and odors. Wear these and stay dry and stink free.

They also make these out of Japanese fabric, known for its texture and color. Choose from three fits: tapered, straight and an experimental one called J-cut. This cut has a regular rise and a curved seam pattern that creates stacking in the leg (meaning the creasing and bunching of your jean’s legs). How will these ‘stack’ up against the king of kickstarted jeans, Gustin? We shall see.

RPMWEST Raw Denim Jeans: Goodbye Fitting Rooms

Trying on jeans in a dressing room is right up there with standard-definition TV sports-watching in terms of things that should’ve been outlawed by now. Doing their part on the pants front is RPMWEST. Using high quality Japanese selvedge denim (a term reserved for denim made on vintage shuttle looms), RPMWEST promises $200-style jeans for $95. What’s more, three pairs will arrive at your door to try on in the comfort of your own pad. Just keep the one that fits best and send the other two back, free of charge.

Lumina USA Made Denim: Your Next Go-To Jeans?

Sadly, just like Old Yeller, every pair of jeans must eventually be put down. Instead of getting into some crazy jeans cemetery shenanigans, consider finding a new go-to pair. Lumina, a North-Carolina-based clothing company that makes all its stuff in the USA, has a new option for that coveted role. Versatility and subtle detailing in the stitching and on buttons and rivets make both the Trenton ($108) and Ayden ($148) solid choices for work or play.

Gustin Selvage Denim: Radical Rithmetic

It always seemed strange that the three R’s of education – reading, writing, and arithmetic – featured a very loose interpretation of what constitutes the letter R. But that’s not the case when it comes to jeans, where it’s all about the three F’s; Fit, Fabric, and Finish. For their new pants, Gustin is going with All-American selvage denim from Cone Mills, one of the few remaining domestic denim manufacturers. These are jeans you’d normally find for $205 at retail, but now through Kickstarter, Gustin will ship them to you directly for $81. That’s a savings of $124, if my rithmetic is right.

Nike + Levi’s 511 Skateboarding Denim

Skaters have created fashion trends throughout the years, so it’s only fitting that the fashion industry get off its lazy keester (let’s bring that word back!) and return the favor. Nike and Levi’s have partnered to produce high performance denim specifically for skateboarding. 511 Skateboarding Denim ($198) integrates Nike’s Dri-FIT and vectran technologies with Levi’s classic sturdy construction, giving skaters a stylish and functional option for their lower extremities.

Naked & Famous Scratch-n-Sniff Raspberry Scented Denim

Over the years, you’ve worn jeans that smelled like mildew, wet pencil shavings, and roasted goat. (That last one was on purpose). Let’s freshen up that denim, shall we? Naked & Famous Denim is here to help with their new line of Scratch-n-Sniff Raspberry-Scented Denim ($150) for Spring/Summer 2012. Yup. Raspberry-scented jeans. The 12 oz. indigo of the wash is infused with an aroma of raspberry that is released upon contact, so there’s yet another reason to grind up against strangers in the mall. The red leather waist patch reminds you the fruit of the loom isn’t just for undies anymore. We’re waiting to inhale.

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Spring 2012

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, we continue our ongoing series “Famous Bachelors Who Proved They Didn’t Need No Broad.” Today we look at Levi Strauss, who never married during his 73 years on this planet, the last day of which was September 26, 1902. We salute you, Mr. Strauss, and we offer in return this plug for your Spring 2012 line of vintage clothing. Peep the two new washes of the 1955 501 jeans, “Fallen Down” and “Faded Memory”. They carry an “anti-fit” seat area with a slightly fuller cut in the legs. Legs, which, by the way, were never cut out from under him by some conniving dame. Atta boy, Levi.

Check Levi’s stockists for this selvedge denim and other new releases from Levi’s Spring Vintage line.