The Qwerkywriter

Click clack click clack. What’s that sound? Probably not your computer keyboard. It used to be the sound of typewriters, those things in the 1970s people used to type letters and novels. Then, the computer came along and made them obsolete. There are those who still yearn for these machines of old like Brian Min from Walnut Creek, California.

He invented the Qwerkywriter ($309), an 84 key USB and Bluetooth-enabled, typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard. This gives you the tactile feel of typewriters. Pretend you’re writing out the latest pulp novel. The Qwerkywriter also has a stand to slot in your tablet. Go here to check it out.

“This is How I Roll,” says the Qii Keyboard

Why does texting suck? The typos. Between the tiny keyboards and auto-correct shenanigans, the whole thing just adds up to a lame hybrid of code deciphering and apologizing for wrong words/letters/punctuation. The Qii ($120) is a flexible little keyboard that you can whip out of your pants, unroll, and use to get hot, full-sized keyboard action on your smartphone. It’s made of thin, flexible, and durable, carbon-based nanomaterial, so you can bang on it as you’re banging out those shockingly well-written texts.

Washable Keyboard by Logitech

Despite years of computer keyboards being subjected to coffee, soda, and porn-related spillage, it is only now… today… that we finally get a washable keyboard .  Thank you, Logitech.  The K310 ($39.99) can be cleaned with a wet cloth or soaked in water up to 11 inches deep. The laser printed and UV-coated characters mean they won’t fade with washing, and drainage holes in the back let the water  – or uh, other liquids – drain through.

AZio Levetron Mech4

You love PC gaming, but you find that it’s just not the same unless you have a tall, frosty glass of chocolate milk perched precariously high on a stack of Jenga blocks next to your keyboard. This had been an issue. Yes, had been. The AZio Levetron Mech4  gaming keyboard is here to save the day. This thing looks like more like a tank than a keyboard, and just like most tanks, it’s resistant to chocolate milk and any other liquid you spill on it. Besides the tight rubberized seals and drainage gutters (!), the Mech4 features a modular D-Pad, moveable modular macro keyboard for quick macro access, mechanical keys that are fully programmable and integrated volume control. The $119.99 price tag is a small price to pay for taking your PC skills (and milk drinking) to the next level.